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Guides & Tutorials, cont.

A Guide to Texturing or Retexturing Skins in Gmax 9kb Download (Ext.)
A tutorial on how to texture a scalemale shirt.
NWN Aurora Toolset Help Guide 6.6MB Download (Ext.)
An ongoing project to create a common Windows Help Guide for use with the Aurora Toolset. Included is a complete breakdown of the toolset's main window, with individual tabs for the toolbar, palette, and cameras. In addition, the author included some custom content that explains simple and advanced scripts, tutorials on conversations, waypoints, and adding a custom script. There is also general info on factions, waypoints, and tilesets.
Adding Wings and Tails to your HotU Character Tutorial 50kb Download (Ext.)
A simple step by step tutorial on how to add wings and/or a tail to a HotU character. This will NOT make your character an illegal character.
The Neverwinter Connections Community Guide to Dungeon Mastering 1.3MB Download (Ext.)
This guide, prepared in cooperation with the online community at Neverwinter Connections, is intended to provide both novice and veteran Dungeon Masters with guidelines, advice, and helpful tips for organizing, hosting, and conducting their games of Neverwinter Nights (NWN). The information within this guide has been learned through playing NWN on NWC, and we'd like to thank the players who have helped us get the most out of this game.
Sound Set File Listing 23kb Download (Ext.)
Excel and HTML files containing a list of all the NPC Sound Sets and the names of the audio files associated with them. Also includes transcript of welcome audio dialogue file (_hi) and a few comments on each voice set.
Prestige Classes Tutorial 360kb Download (Ext.)
A tutorial which will explain all the details of making new prestige classes in NWN.
Fireball Firing Ballistas Tutorial 1.5MB Download (Ext.)
Tutorial to make Fireball Firing Ballistas. Step-by-step with each step illustrated with a screenshot. Original Fireball Firing Ballistas done by Webmaistro. This tutorial tells how he did it. Making a Placeable Object, Target Object and Trigger fully explained.
How to Animate a Light in Max & GMax 1kb Download (Ext.)
A tutorial on how to animate a light in Max and GMax. It is so the light will turn on at night and off in the day. The tutorial shows how to build it from scratch and have it work properly on export without error. Follow the tutorials process step by step and you should'nt have any problems with it.
How to: Distribute Custom Content 10kb Download (Ext.)
This tutorial takes up some common mistakes authors make when they distribute Custom Content. Mistakes that cause headaches to whomever wanting to use their work. It targets both new and old, and will hopefully ease up the pain it requires to use custom content.
Neverwinter Tileset Construction Tutorial 6.2MB Download (Ext.)
This document will cover tileset creation for the BioWare Aurora Engine. The download includes the tutorial (in Word and PDF format), several unsupported Windows utilities BioWare uses internally when creating tilesets, and many sample files you can reference when working through the tutorial.
The Gipsy Switch - A Tutorial 374kb Download (Ext.)
A tutorial on making an NPC that will switch variables through conversation. The NPC also hands out plot items, or takes them away.
Newbie Starter Kit 37kb Download (Ext.)
This is part one of a series of help kits, the Newbie Pack. It includes 2 henchmen, a respawn waypoint (the place you go when you die) and an emote wand. It has step by step instructions to help you through.
Tutorial on PLT Textures 39kb Download (Ext.)
Since the author started his clothing haks, quite a few people have asked for basic information on editing PLT textures for character armor skins. He has written a brief document on getting started.
How to use a TGA instead of a PLT (In most Cases) 2.6MB Download (Ext.)
This tutorial details how to use a TGA texture on a custom model (such as player's armour, etc.) instead of a PLT.
How to Make a Basic Henchman 2kb Download (Ext.)
This is a simple way to make a quick and easy henchman, and if you can't remember the scripts, the scripts are in the text file and can be easily copied and pasted into the script editor.
How to Add a Placeable 2kb Download (Ext.)
The author has been asked often to make a walkthrough for putting placeables into haks. He believes he covered everything in this one.
Hak Pak Update Tutorial 447kb Download (Ext.)
This tutorial will explain how to update your Hak Pak to the latest version. Although this tutorial is focused on the Arcane Space Tileset Hak Pak, the same method will work on ALL Hak Paks you wish to update. Made especially for the beginner, it is detailed with graphic illustrations, as to not confuse any aspect of the Hak Updating procedure. This tutorial is in HTML format.
Basic Editing of ITP Files N/A Download (Ext.)
If you are editing tilesets to make your own, or adding new things to an existing tileset then the ITP is one file you'll have to edit to get your new tileset parts to show up in the toolset under the tile list. This tutorial tells you how. Another similar guide is available here.
Tutorial for Bumpmapped Textures 108kb Download (Ext.)
A tutorial showing you how to create textures with a fake bumpmap effect.
Sudden Attack - a Tutorial 214kb Download (Ext.)
Our hero enters an Inn and before long a wizard spawns, and starts a conversation with the hero. A bit of threatening takes place. The patrons run for cover and the wizard starts throwing spells at the hero. Just before the hero dies the wizard goes to the hero gives him a warning and disappears in a puff. It's all in the demo module and the 18 page Word document tutorial.
LOK Quick Tutorial 1 10MB Download (Ext.)
A quick tutorial on how to create a walk mesh quickly and easily using a plane primitive, line division and extrusion.
Gladiator - a Tutorial 359kb Download (Ext.)
This tutorial is about gladiatorial fights and controlling the crowd. The difference from some tutorials is that here the author takes a situation, creates it from scratch and adds to it until it suits his needs.
Changing the Identity of an MDL File 1MB Download (Ext.)
This tutorial explains how to deal with situations where models have the same name and you need to change them so that they can be included in the same hak pak.
Custom Soundset Tutorial 9kb Download (Ext.)
Tutorial on how to create custom soundsets for your PC, Henchman, NPC's and Monsters. Also has other info on what sounds to use and a test script to test your custom soundset sounds with.
Making Familiars and Animal Companions for your Henchman 11kb Download (Ext.)
Before you do this insure that your henchman is finished and you have no intention of reediting them. Once you edit your henchman again and save it, you will lose the Familiar/Animal Companion information.

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