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Lost Sphear - Hands On @GameRant
Posted: Oct 21, 2017, 01:12 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]GameRant tried out Lost Sphear and found it a great experience.


Lost Sphear, then, seems poised to answer the what-ifs that were left behind in the wake of I Am Setsuna's JRPG brilliance. The follow-up effort from Tokyo RPG Factory is a brand new title that has learned from its predecessors mistakes. Where I Am Setsuna was a restrained, careful walk through some of the genre's most tried-and-true tropes, Lost Sphear is a whirlwind, a vortex that absorbs every well-received element of classic JRPGs and coalesces them into one singular game. Lost Sphear is Tokyo RPG Factory's fever dream, the result of a studio with more confidence beginning to try something new under the guise of something old.

During our hands-on time with Lost Sphear, it became abundantly clear that the snowscape of its predecessor had been abandoned by Tokyo RPG Factory in favor of a world with more variety. We navigated through a forest, a desert, and a mine-none of which are groundbreaking in terms of environmental design, of course, but are a welcome change from just snow-and each environment felt distinct. The soundtrack, too, feels more diverse, eschewing the constant presence of heartbreak that echoed through I Am Setsuna with notes of hope and bravery mixed in too.


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Kingmaker - Resting with Camp UI
Posted: Oct 21, 2017, 01:12 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The latest from Pathfinder: Kingmaker tells us about resting and the camp UI.


As many of you have certainly noticed, almost all our interfaces are full-screen and use elaborate artwork to help sustain the atmosphere. The resting process is special, because it focuses on the party's actions. To preserve the flow of the game, we made our resting interface in the form of a panel. Functionally and practically, the timeline didn't change much. The only thing we added was a watch order. As for current role adjustments, we decided to place them on the panel to the left, which is a mirror image of the main game log. On the same panel, you can see the results of hunting and other skill-checks, and at the same time dialogues between companions will take place on the main screen. Initially we intended to make this stage unskippable, but many of our alpha testers told us they'd like to make the resting process a bit shorter. So, for those among you, who are not interested in camp conversations, we give the possibility to skip this part and instantly turn to further adventure-seeking instead. Our camp interface allows you to focus on the main game screen and logically separates the camping log from the general log.

Interface mockup and camp objects sketch.

And since a video says more than a thousand screenshots, here's one for your viewing pleasure. It's alive!


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SP: The Fractured but Whole - Review
Posted: Oct 20, 2017, 07:03 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Tech Advisor has reviewed South Park: The Fractured but Whole:


South Park: The Fractured But Whole review

Following 2014's South Park: The Stick of Truth comes The Fractured But Whole, the latest in the 2.5D RPG series that has the kids playing superheroes. Here's our review.



South Park: The Fractured But Whole provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience for fans of the TV series, allowing you to go head-to-head with characters you've watched for 20 years. The improved turn-by-turn combat system is in-depth and satisfying but rarely requires you to be strategic, which is a shame.

It's also a fun experience creating and tweaking your own superhero throughout the course of the game, changing everything from the costume to combat style and more. And of course, it's packed full of offensive, ridiculous comedy that South Park is famed with. What's not to like?

Score: 4/5

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ELEX - Review @ Destructoid
Posted: Oct 20, 2017, 07:03 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Destructoid has reviewed ELEX:


ELEX Gon' Give It To Ya

Think of candidates for the platonic ideal of what you might call a "B-game," or a "Cult game," or any number of pop-cultural terms we have for a credible work whose flaws and foibles undermine its chances at wider success, and you'll likely find a Piranha Bytes title somewhere on the shortlist.

Ironically, it actually takes wider recognition for cult status to feel genuinely earned, and despite nearly two decades of attempts, Piranha Bytes continues to stand in the long shadow cast by its more popular competitors.

That brings us to the big question: Whether or not ELEX, their latest work, can bring them that recognition.


Less easy to get used to are the game's technical and performance issues. Playing on a base-model PS4, I noticed numerous framerate hitches (often in places that didn't seem especially busy) and drops, as well as major drops during some in-engine cutscenes. The interface and text also remain optimized for PC, forcing console players to move close to their TVs to read stats or item descriptions, as well as deal with a fairly bland, mainly text-based menu system to manage inventory and equipment. The AI is also on the less optimal side of dopey, with both enemies and companions frequently getting caught in scenery or standing stock still when they should be fighting.

All in all, though, the game remains an impressive, if flawed, effort. Toting an interesting setting and some standout design choices, ELEX goes farther than any previous Piranha Bytes game in making the case for sticking with it in pursuit of a certain old-school ideal of RPG gaming, even if it can come at a cost in polish and presentation.

Score: 7/10 Good

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Lost Dimension - Coming to the PC
Posted: Oct 20, 2017, 07:03 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The tactical RPG Lost Dimension will be released for the PC on October 30:


Lost Dimension

Taking place In the near future with the world in ruin, a terrorist mastermind known only as 'The End' threatens humanity with nuclear armageddon. A special task force of eleven young psychics each with incredible superhuman abilities and a mysterious past, are the only ones who can stop him. Together, they must climb The End's formidable tower one floor at a time and bring him to justice. Their psychic powers will be put to the test against the sinister occupants of each floor as they race against the clock - and the traitors hidden within their ranks - to save the planet.

As team leader, Sho Kasugai, you'll need to master a deep-but-intuitive combat system, build relationships with your squad and use logic to discern the traitor on each floor to progress. Only Sho has the skills necessary to weed out the traitors and defeat The End.
  • Deep turn-based tactical RPG combat system. Defer turns, assist your allies and combine your team's incredible psychic powers to gain victory!
  • Find the traitors! Use your psychic powers to rifle through your teammates' minds and uncover their secrets. But beware, the list of traitors is different every time you play!
  • Unlock and level up a huge variety of skills. Create the ultimate tank or support builds for your characters and swap out eliminated members' Materia to unlock new high-powered Gifts.
  • Uncover the truth! Multiple endings to discover. Who is 'The End'? What are his real motives? Only by gaining the trust of all your team members can you find out!
Developed by Lancarse, creators of many highly acclaimed JRPGs, and originally published by FURYU Corporation, Lost Dimension has an incredibly impressive pedigree. The game's intriguing storyline was written by Jun Kumagai, the Tower level designs were headed up by Takeshi Oga, while the character designs were provided by Yuu Yamashita and Makoto Tsuchibayashi.

For the first time, you can now play the critically-acclaimed Lost Dimension on PC, featuring all the thrilling tactical RPG gameplay of the console original and a raft of PC-only improvements.

The world is waiting...

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XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen Fall Update
Posted: Oct 20, 2017, 01:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A change-list for the new XCOM 2: War of the Chosen patch:


Fall 2017 XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Update Deploys

The Fall 2017 update for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is available now on PC and coming soon for Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This new update institutes multiple bug fixes and optimizations that will facilitate a better overall experience for players. Challenge Mode has been updated to include new stats on the leaderboard, new player-to-player tracked events and retooled notifications.

Head below for the full list of changes.

Good luck, Commander.

Gameplay - Strategy Layer
  • Beta Strike now is applied to XCOM soldiers if the tutorial is enabled
  • Scientists and engineers can no longer be used while deployed on Covert Actions
  • Fixed base game soldier promotion abilities not being free in the Training Center if a cross-class ability is purchased first
  • Fixed a visual issue with the inventory menu after selecting a Grenadier's utility item or grenade slot in the Hangar
  • Fixed Resistance Order card duplication
  • Fixed a navigation issue caused by empty Resistance Order card slots
  • Tutorial: Players can now re-enter the Research screen if they've tried to exit during the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented soldiers from being dismissible after completing Lost and Abandoned with the Tutorial enabled
  • Fixed the conventional weapon breakthrough tech causing "+1 Damage" to display on the claymore when viewed in the Armory
  • Soldiers in the Character Pool now generate with a background
  • Scavengers Resistance Order now only applies to resource-based POI rewards
  • Weapon color defaults to 20 now instead of -1 to prevent mismatched color previews
  • Camera outline and poster display update on screen change
  • Fixed an issue with SPARKs getting permanently stuck in a wounded yet "Available" state after going on Chosen Stronghold missions
  • Fixed the Lost World Dark Event to expire correctly
  • Fixed lingering cohesion glow after creating a new bond
  • Fixed an issue where faction soldiers in the Training Center promotion screen would not appear when cycling through soldiers
  • Removed references to Resistance HQ from strategy notifications
  • Removed the ability for soldiers to gain positive traits as part of the AWC post-mission negative trait recovery mechanic
  • Soldiers on Covert Actions no longer drop their equipped items when the player enters the squad select screen
  • Fixed Rescue Soldier missions sometimes appearing with no reward if you fail it the first time
  • Adding additional text to the Reaper's Silent Killer ability description
  • Fixed weapons with mods attached not upgrading to the next tier for soldiers who are deployed on ambush-able Covert Actions
Gameplay - Tactical Layer
  • Chosen will be activated only if someone on XCOM team has been revealed
  • Fixed a bug where the fog of war fails to update or disappear when the player's Codex creates a clone during a mission
  • Fixed an issue where detection tiles would disappear for faction soldiers after loading a save while in concealment
  • VIPs using hunker down no longer break concealment
  • Berserk Rangers no longer attack squadmates
  • Fixed visualization of Archon patrol pathing
  • Units now take claymore damage when a claymore is detonated underneath them while on a destructible floor during tactical gameplay
  • ADVENT Priests triggering Sustain while standing in the evac zone no longer fails the mission
  • Alien Rulers get a 1.5X HP boost when Beta Strike is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where Purifiers became unresponsive after their clone made from Shadowbind was destroyed
  • Bladestorm and Retribution excludes teammates as valid targets
  • Enemy reinforcement visual indicator no longer disappears
  • Chosen can no longer turn into cocoons from Chryssalid poison
  • Spectres hit with Stasis will no longer prevent shadowbound units from recovering when the Spectre is killed
  • Fixed missing flyover for Lightning Reflexes
  • Gremlins only reveal hidden units after a hack attempt is made
  • Changed Skirmisher Ionic Ripjack stun chance to 25%
  • Darkclaw now gains the effects of equipped ammo
  • Brutal Chosen strength temporarily decreases soldier Will
  • Fixed ambient lighting not being applied in some non-tactical areas
  • Targetable enemy indicator refreshes correctly after navigating tactical menus
  • Fixed an issue where help text and other pop-ups would not trigger during the tutorial
  • Units provided by the Volunteer Army & Double Agent Resistance Orders will no longer count as units lost during a campaign
  • Updated Mimic Beacon behavior for Purifier, Priest, Spectre, and shadowbound units
  • Added AI AoE finder updates to enable AoE attacks on Mimic Beacons
  • Fixed an issue preventing Mimic Beacons from being attacked more than once by purifiers
  • Skulljack now kills units instantly if Beta Strike is enabled
  • Shredded armor no longer reappears after reloading a save
  • Fixed an issue where Skirmishers could use Wrath to move to an area, but not perform a melee attack
  • Fixed infinite visualization hang when X2Action_WaitForAnotherAction fails to receive the event trigger it is registered for
  • Fixed issue with claymores not being immediately targetable by the Reaper
  • Reduced Chosen Hunter pistol range
  • Skulljack no longer prevents a unit from becoming concealed
  • Supply Extraction loot now recovered if XCOM evacs from the mission
  • Fixed a loss of functionality caused by simultaneously entering a rescue circle and triggering a Lost pod during a Rescue Stranded Resistance Agents mission
  • Fixed crash caused by too many Lost on screen at one time
  • Restricting spawns in the corners of some parcels to prevent Chosen from being stuck if they spawn in the corner of a map
  • Slightly reducing the aim of Retaliation civilian militia and Volunteer Army soldiers
  • Shadowbound units don't get abilities granted from Sustaining Spheres. This matches up with shadowbound units not getting built in Sustain ability from units either
  • Prevent Chosen Kidnap / Extract on special units that come from HQ via Double Agent or Volunteer Army
  • Fix for an indefinite hang when a unit gets the burning status effect when moving for a Skullmine action during tactical gameplay
  • Holy Warrior effects no longer persist after the Priest is removed from the mission
  • Chosen Sarcophagus health displays correctly after loading a save game while the shield is up
  • Bluescreen Rounds no longer affect destructibles
  • Updated Shadowbind to remove the Parthenogenic Poison from the target
  • Decoupled GameStateUnit and asynchronous pawn load requests to prevent hung levels and crashes on level load
  • Fixed crashes related to GetAllViewersOfTarget
  • Fixed crashes related to GetAllVisibleToSource
  • Fixed crashes related to GetAllViewersOfLocation
  • Fixed crashes caused by for large block of LoadMap crashes
  • Fixed GetWorldInfo crashes on RenderThread
  • FixedProtection against IsAudible crashes from effects
Challenge Mode
  • Added new event notifications: 5 Enemy Kills, Concealment Broken, First Soldier Wounded, Killed a Sectopod or Gatekeeper, Lost a Sectopod or Gatekeeper, and Completed Mission
  • Challenge Mode replay improvements: show the reaper roll, skip challenge points banners, disable mission narratives
  • Added user score and total players to Challenge Mode squad select screen
  • Changed Challenge events to display completion percentages of total players for an event
  • ADVENT soldiers now take an action when their shadowbound clone is killed
  • Enemy units will now move or take actions when the player Shadowbinds another enemy unit in the same pod
  • Challenge Mode replays will now automatically start playing
  • Fixed an issue where Focus drops were not occurring in Challenge mode
  • Additional score break down and stats to leaderboard
  • Consolidated the objective and enemy score decrease messages into one message when appropriate
  • Fixed an issue causing Challenges to auto-complete
  • Modding - Added files to improve compatibility between the game and uncooked content
  • Character Pool now checks base game and expansion directories for available pools
  • Fixed Character Pool lighting when on Stronghold shell screen
  • Fixed a crash with the Character Pool trying to access a version of a unit that no longer exists
  • Added a button to open the local Photobooth directory from the game
  • Class pose filtering is skipped when doing a memorial shot
  • Additional crash and bug fixes

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Warbanners - Released
Posted: Oct 19, 2017, 06:53 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The turn-based, tactical strategy game with role-playing elements Warbanners was released yesterday:



Warbanners is a turn-based, tactical strategy game with role-playing elements. Managing a squad of mercenaries, the player will experience the story campaign's 42 missions, battle through a meticulously crafted fantasy world, and achieve the ultimate goal: become a true legend!

Key features:
  • Create and modify your unique, well-prepared army; hire and equip soldiers, develop their fighting qualities, and learn new exotic skills.
  • Hire assistants! They will not participate in battles themselves, they never engage in dangerous activities, but they will provide you with several bonuses and options. Expect a catapult, poisoned enemies, increased morale, and much, much more.
  • Immerse yourself in a multi-faceted battle system that takes into account a variety of factors, including landscape morphology and lighting, each unit's field of view, morale, and even fatigue.
  • Manipulate the battlefield environment to gain tactical advantages! Freeze rivers, chop down and burn trees, dig trenches, construct bridges and barricades, and so on.
  • Choose the optimal level of difficulty for your tactical fantasy RPG experience; from easy for beginners, to nightmarish for sophisticated tacticians.
With every step you take in Warbanners -each and everyone marked by blood and iron- an invisible but deadly threat will become more tangible. Darkness itself, brooding in the corners of your soul, shall become ever more palpable.

Who said earning your place among ancient legends would be easy?

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SP: The Fractured but Whole - Review
Posted: Oct 19, 2017, 06:53 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]KnowTechie has reviewed South Park: The Fractured but Whole:


Review: South Park the Fractured But Whole

While it's mostly more of the same, some new mechanics on top of an already excellent base make The Fractured But Whole a must have for any South Park fan.

Only South Park would dare to name their game after an asshole, but that's precisely what has established South Park as one of the most important television shows of all time. Never one to disappoint, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have built South Park around always touching on sociopolitical issues and current events, in the same ways Matt Groening's Simpsons have. Both shows have been far more relevant and much more tenured than the majority of shows on television, and they're both animated cartoons, though their appeal doesn't reach the same audiences.
If you didn't care for The Stick of Truth, you probably won't like The Fractured But Whole either. The experience is mostly the same aside from some mechanical differences, but it's still a terrific experience that South Park fans are going to continue to enjoy for quite some time. Oh, and to poke fun at the idea of their own season pass? There's a bus line called DLC where people are seemingly waiting for stuff to do. Genius.

The Good
  • It's like playing an interactive episode, yet again
  • New mechanics revitalize combat
  • Crafting is a nice touch instead of hording junk
  • They added the 'Member Berries
The Bad
  • The game assumes you're already familiar with the show
  • Being so similar to the previous game, some might find it to be too samey
  • The writing can be a little incoherent at times
Score: 8/10

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Bard's Tale - Achievements added
Posted: Oct 19, 2017, 12:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Achievements have been added to The Bard's Tale. There are 51 in total.

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Hero-U - Testing the Game
Posted: Oct 19, 2017, 12:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The most recent Kickstarter update for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is about testing the game. At the moment they have gone through some early testing and are now increasing that testing effort.


So far we've proceeded very cautiously with pre-Alpha testing of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Sierra never sent unfinished games out "into the wild" until they had gone through weeks of in-house testing. There was no Beta testing for any Quest for Glory or our other games

Looking back, I shudder at that process! It "broke" a couple of times, notably with Quest for Glory IV. Players started out in a cave, made it out... and frequently crashed the game in the next scene. Very few people had online access then, so there was no easy way to patch the game and fix the hundreds of problems with the shipping version

With Hero-U, we are making sure we don't repeat those mistakes. We started out by letting a few backers test part of the game. Sure enough, something broke. Oddly, it wasn't Hero-U! Instead, we found ourselves debugging the bug-finding process. Our ISP wouldn't let us send out registration confirmation emails. Then the bug reporting tool itself broke

We are also balancing putting the final touches into the game while resolving hundreds of reports. Most of these are things such as corrections to spelling and grammar (in several languages due to the game setting). Some are more serious - players found they could get rich by finding the same leather jacket over and over, and selling the extras. (That also happened in Quest for Glory II, where players could get rich harvesting the Dervish's beard.) A few have been actual game stoppers

This is normal and good. The small QA staff at Sierra often filed thousands of bug reports for a single game before they deemed it ready to ship. My personal best was about 100 reports on Castle of Dr. Brain, a relatively small and simple game that we all thought was rock-solid before we handed it off to QA. According to the QA lead, yes, 100 bugs *is* rock-solid. :-)

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XCOM - Is now a Genre
Posted: Oct 18, 2017, 06:32 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new column on PC Gamer: The Gollop Chamber


The Gollop Chamber: XCOM is now a genre

In his first column for PC Gamer Indie, creator of the original X-COM Julian Gollop argues his game has become a genre of its own.

Welcome to my first column for PC Gamer. What's it all about, you may ask? You can look forward to my musings on games, the games industry, and also follow progress on my new XCOM-style game, Phoenix Point, which is underway at Snapshot Games in sunny Bulgaria.

Phoenix Point was first announced at the PC Gamer Weekender event in March last year, where I argued that XCOM is now an established genre, thanks to the tremendous success of the Firaxis games. Ever since I signed over the X-COM rights to MicroProse back in 1997 I have been trying to build a new X-COM-style game, but I never quite succeeded, despite releasing several turn-based games over the last 15 years. The XCOM genre is something special and distinct, and diverging too far from its fundamental design pillars results in something less than satisfactory.


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ELEX - Review @ Eurogamer
Posted: Oct 18, 2017, 06:32 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Eurogamer has reviewed ELEX:


Elex review


Hokey, uneven and janky, Elex is nonetheless a compelling throwback to a time before open worlds became choose your own to-do lists.

Without being signed up to work on a big franchise, or having successfully developed one of its own over the course of 20 toilsome years, it can be tough for a studio to launch a new 3D open world RPG in a landscape dominated by Witchers, Mass Effects, Fallouts and Elder Scrolls. Piranha Bytes know this better than most, having birthed the revered Gothic series, only to see its legacy undermined by ongoing tangles over rights. It's not been plain sailing for the studio's subsequent Risen trilogy either, as a decade-long tsunami of icon-drenched Ubi-likes has rather altered perceptions as to what an open world RPG can and should be.


One can't help but wonder what game might one day arise were Piranha Bytes ever given the development resources of Bethesda, because with less than a quarter of the numbers that worked full-time on making Fallout 4, Piranha Bytes have cobbled together an RPG that in some areas comes close to matching it. Yes, Elex is far, far scrappier overall, the lore is clumsy and unconvincing, and there's enough grit in the combat, presentation and parts of the narrative to have you running for the nearest GOTY Edition chart-topping RPG. But, if you give Elex the benefit of the doubt, it's many freedoms will start to win you over - to the point that on completion you may subsequently find yourself thumbing through this developer's undervalued back catalogue before cracking the seal on the Next Big Thing.

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RPGWatch @ Gamescom - An Overview in Pictures
Posted: Oct 18, 2017, 06:32 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here is an article from RPGWatch with a selection of the photographs taken during Gamescom. They consist of images from the show, Cologne and the goodies received.

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King of Dragon Pass - Big Discount
Posted: Oct 18, 2017, 12:23 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]King of Dragon Pass is 82% off on Steam.



A unique, remastered mix of RPG and strategy: everything in King of Dragon Pass is about choice and control.

Create your own epic saga of conflict, mythology and community! Rule your own clan, take important strategic decisions, win battles and expand your influence. Choose your counsel carefully, sign diplomatic agreements or declare war on nearby clans.

This acclaimed game of magical storytelling blends interactive stories and resource management.

Immensely replayable, thanks to nearly 600 interactive scenes. Short episodes and automatic saving mean you can play even when you only have a minute or two. The built-in saga writes down the story for you and advisors with distinctive personalities help you rule your clan.

Become the King of Dragon Pass!

Game Features
  • One of the Top 100 best mobile games of all time (Metacritic)
  • The legend is back with new content never published before
  • Epic saga of conflict, mythology and community
  • Immensely replayable
  • Hand-painted artwork
  • Interactive story with an ultimate level of complexity

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar - New Patch
Posted: Oct 18, 2017, 06:13 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The latest patch for Battle Chasers: Nightwar makes the game less grindy.


******UPDATE - The Patch is now live on Steam, GOG and PS4. You can check to make sure you have the latest version if you check the top right on the title screen. It should read v.23098 :slight_smile: ***

Hey Everyone!

We've gotten some great feedback since launch and have a bunch of bug fixes and balance/quality of life things in this patch that we hope improves everyone's experience. One common point of feedback was involving grinding near the mid/late game, as well a big decrease in difficulty when certain perks/weapons and combos were acquired. These are all addressed in this patch. NG+ should also be a lot more challenging now! This is now live on steam for PC and Mac and we are working on pushing to GOG as we speak.

Consoles: Our #1 focus right now is fixing the crashes and potential save corruption that players are encountering on PS4. We hope to have a fix soon, and when the fix goes live, these balance tweaks will be included as well. Xbox One will also see these changes at that time.

Without Further Ado!

Patch Notes:
  • The Blacksmith found a bunch of gold in his old apron: Cost to upgrade the Blacksmith has been reduced to 500g for the first upgrade and 2000g for the final upgrade.
  • Vendors became a little less greedy and you can sell items to vendors for slightly more.
  • Fishing comparison display is fixed. We figured actually seeing accurate numbers was a good idea.
  • Perks should always unlock at level 6. If they didn't unlock for you, you should see them unlocked with this patch now.
  • Getting into combat while interacting with the Surveyor should no longer make you unable to interact with anything when returning from combat
  • The name/description for the items required for Gully's Ultimate weapon were flipped (Dragon Scales and Dragon Heart Phylactery)
  • Smoothed XP curve for mid to late game to require less replay of dungeons to level up
  • A wider variety of items will be available as loot in chests, especially in early/mid game dungeons when crafting isn't as accessible
  • Increased gold acquired from creatures, chests, boxes/crates. Also, fixed a bug where minor loot objects (crates, barrels, jars etc) were giving too little gold outside of the first dungeon and Strongmont.
  • Various typo fixes
  • Enchanting Shrine will be guaranteed to spawn in Path of Fangs and Deadwatch.
  • Fix for a bug some people were encountering in which some of the Hunt bosses (sludge mound and king slime) never spawned and players became stuck
  • The room containing The Shade of Belevros in the Iron Outpost should spawn a loooooot more now.
  • Fixed a bug in which Alumon would actually NOT join the party. We found him and forced him back in your party if he wasn't unlocked for you, and he should be appropriately leveled and not naked
  • Lycelot Alpha Trackers realized they should sometimes whiff their Claw Barrage attack and players will be able to evade its strikes now like any other attack. Also damage of it reduced slightly.
  • Fixed missing name/description for starting weapons for Knolan and Red Monika in New Game Plus.
  • Fixed an error in 2 of Alumon's perks (Dark Mending II and Sanguine Embrace II) adding 2x the healing they should have (sneaky Alumon)
  • Increased the base level of enemies in NG+
  • Enemies around the Dig on the worldmap will be appropriately leveled
  • You should be able to turn in the Vessel of War and Glorious Vessel of War now if it was stuck for you (you will need to re-kill 10 enemies on your way back to the shrine where you turn it in though)
  • Mantle of Aramus has been changed: Places a damage shield on Gully that absorbs damage. For the next 3 turns, anytime Gully receives damage, she will be healed.
  • Clarification with the Defend II perk on Gully that specifies that the damage reduction is only when using Defend
  • Stun Immunity duration increased to 4 turns from 3 turns after a hero or enemy is stunned.
  • Re-Balanced Crit Damage perks
  • Fixed a bug with the Ring of Lost Love's thorns value
  • Each Heroes' Legendary Weapon power has been reduced slightly (still the best weapons in the game!) This fix isn't retroactive, so if you already have the legendary weapons in that run, they will remain extra crazy.
  • The final boss has grown in power
  • Masteries have been rebalanced across the board
  • Perks/masteries that power up based on overcharge use have been rebalanced
  • Some of the Pirate Captains weren't spawning, but should now spawn normally
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to be stuck on the victory screen (especially against Lycelot Bombers)
  • Some bosses will keep a tighter hold of their purses, not letting you pickpocket key items from them
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused heroes who gained multiple levels at once to not receive all the perk points they should have. If you've been effected by this, you may notice some of your heroes have more perk points than they did before!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented unpurchased hero skins from showing up in NG+
  • Opening the Bestiary in combat with a controller sometimes caused it to auto close. This has been fixed. Using B(on xbox controller) or O(on playstation controller) will close it. (keyboard always worked and hasn't been changed)
  • Fixed a Bug in which you can get infinite xp from the king slime. We think that's a little too much xp.
  • Arena rewards were sometimes not being awarded. This has been fixed and if you have been affected by it in the past, when you complete another arena run, any unique items that you should have been awarded and didn't receive will be given to you. (this means if you had been robbed of something that you could've gotten somewhere else like a flask, and you actually got it somewhere else, it won't be given, but key items like weapons, trinkets, recipes, quest items etc will always be retroactively given)
  • The boss of Deadwatch was incorrectly leveled in NG+ on Mythic Difficulty.
Thank you!

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