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Undertale - Highest Rated PC Game Ever @ Forbes
Posted: Oct 03, 2015, 10:32 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]You still haven't bought Undertale? - read this Forbes article:

A New RPG Developed By One Man Just Passed 'Half-Life 2' To Become Highest Rated PC Game Ever
I think everyone has a friend like Josh Knowles. You know, the enthusiastic gamer who's always pulling for the underdog developer, constantly planting bugs in your ear about the next big thing that's slightly off the radar. When he told me in no uncertain terms that I had to check out a new RPG called Undertale, I feigned interest and mentally added it to the massive list of games I want to play but, realistically, will have no time for during the holiday release onslaught.

A few days passed and he bugged me about it again. "I'm legit emotionally invested in this game," he said. "Also, no big deal, but it's the highest rated PC game of all time, so, maybe give it a shot?"

I pointed my browser to Metacritic and sorted all PC releases by score. There it was in all its green glory. A 97, dethroning Valve's Half-Life 2. Surpassing Grand Theft Auto V. Coming in above Mass Effect 2, Portal 2, and Skyrim. But unlike those blockbuster AAA titles, Undertale was developed by one man. Toby Fox. It costs $9.99, and was crowdfunded in 2013 to the tune of $51,124.

Here's a sampling of the reviews thus far:
  • "Undertale is one of the best roleplaying games I've ever played, and I do not say that lightly." ~Jim Sterling via The Jimquisition.
  • "The fact that this is basically a one-person project only makes it more impressive, from the excellent use of simple graphics to convey emotion, to the fantastic lo-fi soundtrack. It may or may not be the best RPG you play this year, but it's certainly going to be one of the most worthwhile-as memorable as anything in, say, The Witcher 3, and every bit as worthy." ~Richard Cobbett via PC Gamer.
  • "Undertale provided me with many hours of laughter, happiness, and warm, fuzzy feelings, all the while surprising me with some truly sad and shocking moments out of the blue. It's the kind of game that I'll want to replay many times in order to see how all of the various choices play out, and I'm sure I will remember it fondly for years to come." ~Ben Davis via Destructoid.
  • "Undertale is a spiritual successor of many games - Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, even drawing inspiration from more modern indies like Cave Story. Yet Undertale manages to stand on its own despite those games, and create something that will feel inherently nostalgic, soothing, and sentimental, regardless of your prior experience." Eric Van Allen via Gaming Trend.
Based on the reviews I've skimmed and the gameplay footage I've watched, Undertale is dripping with memorable 8-bit music, a quirky and endless sense of humor that pervades ever facet of the game, and a reverence for the classic games (and gaming references) we grew up loving. Perhaps most importantly, it seems to be eliciting the kind of emotion and attachment that's rare even with hundreds of developers at the helm.

I acknowledge that Metacritic is a joke in some circles, but it still remains incredibly relevant to everyone involved in the industry. It also makes for one hell of an impactful headline...

Still the fact remains that one-man indie developer Fox has pulled off a monumental achievement. It certainly looks like a game worth experiencing, and potentially worthy of inclusion in your Game of the Year discussions.

Next time the Josh Knowles in your life urges you to check out that unknown game, consider making room on your calendar? And note to self:
Stop ignoring indies.

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Mount & Blade II - Interview @ Games Totalwars
Posted: Oct 03, 2015, 04:22 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here's an interview with with Armaganom Yavuz about Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

We present our new interview with Yavuz Armaganom about his new creation - Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord II.

(For translation thanks Sasha Alexander from our group Vkontakte.)

Reporter: Could you tell us more about TaleWorlds? How great team?

Armagan: My wife and I founded the company in 2005, and over the years it grew, we now have more than 50 people. We are very passionate about games, and our core philosophy of creating games that we would like to play themselves.

Reporter: What about game development in Turkey?

Armagan: Development of a video game is a new sector for Turkey and there is still a shortage of experienced game developers. On the other hand, there are a lot of passionate young people who want to make a career in the gaming industry and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a young and talented team.

Reporter: Why Bannerlord? Does the name "Bannerlord" subcontext?

Armagan: We probyvali different names, and we felt that it was the name of Bannerlord unikallnym. An important role will be played by the family and retainers. We'll talk about it soon! And, of course, as the game is now called Bannerlord, we were obliged to sdobavit editor banners.

Reporter: As the game will look like as a whole, it will be more like the first part, or it will be something new?

Armagan: The Bannerlord will be a lot of changes compared with the first part of our game, but the point of the game will be the same. We walked all over the mechanics of the game and the campaign tried to change the design of every detail, so that the campaign will igrkom smoothly plunge into the game world. In addition, there are significant improvements in animation and combat system. Improved graphics This is only onachalo.

Reporter: What is the most significant improvement in Bannerlord from the previous game?

Armagan: Frankly, we expect that the views on this will vary from player to player. We commit the same time every aspect of the game.
In general, one of our most important goals is exploring various aspects of the game.
A new game engine, New Horizon

Reporter: From the developer blog, we learned that you are using the "indoor game engine." On soklko it good for?

Armagan: We are very proud of our new game engine which we developed from the ground up for quite a long time for Bannerlord. It has a very easy to use and powerful editor, as well as the latest technology such as DX11, natural shading, aggressive use of multi-threading, and many others. Unfortunately, far too early to give exact figures, but it will be very well optimized, and we hope it will serve us and our community for many years.

Reporter: Many question arises on account of the size of the battle. I have confidence that my GTX660 can survive with 500 hundred people / horses in battle. Will work smoothly on medium game configurations?

Armagan: Performance is a priority for us, we want to see in our game, playing as many people as possible. We're trying to do that all the graphics settings can be changed, so have the players with less powerful configuration could also naslazhdatsya game. In addition, Bannerlord come a large number of performance improvements in comparison with the Warband, including the active use of multi-threading and re-design of some calculations.
We have not yet decided what will be the minimum requirements, but GTX660 definitely will play in the main settings.

Reporter: The game will be as friendly to the modders as the first part?

Armagan: Actually, we strive to modding was easier in general. This is one reason why the development of the game took longer than we expected, the system that we have come up with not only work well, but should also be easy for modders.

Reporter: The game will be more focused on multiplayer mode or single player? Will the repose of character development in the style of MMO and whether the multiplayer part of the arena or «Online campaigns"?

Armagan: We have a high standard that we strive vyderzhatv single-player and multiplayer games. For us it is not a matter of choosing one over the other. Both modes must conform to our expectations. Unfortunately, we can not disclose additional information on additional networking opportunities at this time, but the style of the game arena, of course, is not going anywhere. There will be no character development MMO style in the classical sense, as it significantly violates justice and sporting interest. However, players will be able to monitor your progress and feel without getting an unfair advantage.

Reporter: Bannerlord will be the same as the open world in the first part? If so, you increase the scale?

Armagan: The Vannerlord certainly have a map of the open world. We still decided to scale proportions, but I can say that the area of the card is approximately four times the Warband.

Reporter: Your team tries to bring more strategy to the game. Will it be done in Bannerlord in Total war?

Armagan: Bannerlord will have a large number of improvements in the management. AI It will also be greatly improved. The main focus of the game is still on a dive in his own character, so the battle will never feel like in a conventional strategy.​

-> Original

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Pixel Noir - Kickstarter Update #7
Posted: Oct 03, 2015, 10:22 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Kickstarter campaign for Pixel Noir is making its way through the stretch goals:

Folks, we have been doing an amazing job - blasting through our first two stretch goals in a couple of days! Thanks to you, both an Xbox One port and NEW GAME+ are officially unlocked! It happened all so quickly that we didn't even get a chance to tell you all about our plans for NEW GAME+! Well, we'll save that one for a future update :)

Our current stretch goal is the card mini-game. At the time of writing this update, we are amazingly a mere $75 away from having this in-game!

With 20 days still left in the campaign, I think it's safe to say that you guys are absolutely DESTROYING these goals one by one :O​

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Masquerada - Interview and Previews
Posted: Oct 03, 2015, 10:22 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Some news about Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, a 2.5D isometric RPG with pause-able combat.


RPG Masquerada is light, fresh and, thankfully, entirely orc-free
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows may claim to follow in the footsteps of some of the RPG genre's greatest greats, but Pat finds something completely new in an early build.

RPGs always disappoint me. There I am, keyed up to play, full of the preview promise of immersion and plot, only to be left eye-rolled by a reality of tedious bloat. Yes please, says my imagination. Being a fantasy dude in a thrilling, hundred-hour thing is something I absolutely want to do. No thanks, says my shooter-fried peanut brain after I've watched the eighth pretend orc, dripping in triple-A sweat, prattle on for half an hour while I fall asleep to the groan of stuffed hard drive. Take me back to the pew-pew.

But maybe, finally, I'm about to find an entry point. Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, developed by Singaporean studio Witching Hour, bills itself as following the tradition of Dragon Age and Baldur's Gate (I'm afraid I'm going to have to assume that as truth. I tried to play Baldur's Gate once. All I remember is a large amount of little words on the screen before I pressed "off"), but, thankfully, this is different. There's nary a goblin in sight, and the story's delivered in bites small enough to maintain balance between compulsion and boredom. The combat's instantly accessible (right-click to attack, press numbers for skills, execute them with left-click) but is undercut by the ability to pause the action and assign attacks, movements and buffs to individual party members. Tactics a-go-go. Masquerada doesn't require RPG master status to play, but it isn't lightweight. That suits me fine. [...]​

Indie Game Mag:

IGM at EGX 2015 - Masquerada: Songs and Shadows
In the madness that is EGX, a free leaflet and badge cut through the noise. The shiny new badge meant one thing: I was at the booth of Witching Hour Studios, showing off its 2.5-D isometric RPG by the name of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows.

Masquerada is set in a "Venetian-inspired fantasy city" called Ombre, where magic can be cast by those that have access to rare masks. The game's unique style is apparently motivated by French comic books and games such as Bastion. Gamers will play as - among others - Cicero Gavar, an Inspettore (inspector), as he returns from "exile to solve a kidnapping that will shake up the foundations of the city." This already had me interested, but before I sat down to try the game out for myself, I wanted a little bit of insight into what makes the studio tick.
Masquerada was inspired by the developer's initial love of Dungeons & Dragons, which led the way for development on a title that has also been said to be heavily influenced by Baldur's Gate, Diablo, and Dragon Age. This definitely showed each time I eagerly glanced over at the demo being played, and I couldn't wait any longer. [...]​

Words about Games:

EGX 2015 | Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Hands-On Impressions
I was wandering the Rezzed section of EGX towards the end of my final day at the show when I overheard someone say two words that always make me stop in my tracks. Those words were "Baldur's Gate." My curiosity instantly piqued, I turned to see that the man who said it was a developer, and he was talking to someone as they were playing a game called Masquerada: Songs and Shadows. Naturally I paused to watch someone playing through the final boss fight of the demo, and wait for a PC to become free so I could have a turn.

While I was waiting I got a chance to speak to one of the games developers. He went on to tell me that Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is a 2.5D isometric action RPG in which you control multiple members of your party, and can pause combat at any time to plan your tactics, taking inspiration from Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age: Origins. Before I had a chance to shout "SOLD" in his face he continued on (which was probably for the best).

The game also features a narrative experience that takes its inspiration from games such as Mass Effect, with fully voiced dialogue from the likes of Matthew Mercer, Jennifer Hale and Dave Fennoy. The game follows the Inspettore, Cicero Gavar, a Sherlock Holmes-esque character who has returned from exile in an attempt to solve a kidnapping. [...]​

Zero1gaming interview with Creative Director Ian Gregory Tan:

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Hard West - A Teaser of a Teaser
Posted: Oct 03, 2015, 10:22 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The release of Hard West is not far away - Kickstarter update #35:

A Teaser of a Teaser
We all know this tactic: there's a countdown on a website, to tease the release date of a teaser of a trailer (which in itself is a teaser). The team at CFG doesn't like it either so we prefer to wait until we can say something substantial. In this case we wanted to give you a release date and details of reward fulfillment. Because we're still tweaking some details with our Gambitious friends, we can't do that yet.

But we want you to know that the game is almost ready and November is our launch target. As soon, as we're done with some Stuff that Can't Be Avoided, like delivering important builds for extra testing and localization, we'll do one more update of the Exclusive Backer Access build before launch.

We keep getting questions about buying the game from folks who missed the Kickstarter campaign window: worry not - with the announcement of a release date, which is coming really soon, you'll be able to grab a copy of Hard West. Another common one is about availability: we aim to make the game available on as many different digital stores as we can.

It's been a wild ride and it's getting close to our goal! Thank you for supporting us and being with us all the way!

- Your ever grateful and slightly worse for wear due to crunch Hard West team

P.S. In case you somehow missed this awesome write-up, see what IGN's Mitch Dyer saw in the PAX Prime demo of the game.​

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Antinomy - New Kickstarter
Posted: Oct 03, 2015, 10:22 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here's a new interesting Kickstarter campaign for the action adventure Antinomy:

Welcome to Antinomy, a unique 19th century Indie open world action-adventure video game bringing the "The Holy Land" to life!
Antinomy is a game set in a fictional Middle Eastern country in the late 19th century, about people from different origins coming together to fight for the same cause, which is justice. They have stood up against the tyranny of those who swore to protect them and who were left unpunished after committing disgraceful crimes against innocent people. The main character, Nathaniel, has the pursuit of justice as his mission, until one day, when he finds out something, that drastically changes his plans...

The message of the game is to promote the importance of underlying themes within the game such as family, friendship, justice and unity, and to show that despite the diversity of the characters' backgrounds, when they put aside their differences, they are able to live in prosperity.

  • ~20 square kilometres open world with a vast lethal desert and a variety of other unique areas
  • Most of the 800+ buildings in the world are enterable.
  • 34 main story missions, 35+ side quests
  • 25+ hours main storyline gameplay
  • A variety of 19th century weapons including muskets, flintlock pistols and a range of Middle Eastern melee weapons.
  • Trading, crafting and a dynamic world economy.
  • Political alignments, shifting alliances and diplomacy and conquest
  • RPG elements such as player skills and character customisation
  • Innovative combat system inspired by V.A.T.S. in Fallout series
  • A full body realistic injury system

PS: Kai Rosenkranz is the Soundtrack Composer!

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M&M: Heroes VII - Review @ IGN
Posted: Oct 03, 2015, 10:22 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here's a review for Might & Magic Heroes VII on IGN:

Might & Magic Heroes 7 Review
It's not hard to draw parallels between Might and Magic Heroes 7's protagonist, Ivan Griffin, and its developer, Limbic Entertainment. Much like Griffin, the studio has inherited a domain and wants to play it safe by not discarding traditions or ruining the most well-regarded features. The result is a strange roleplaying-strategy experience that's at once nostalgically enjoyable and somehow unfulfilling. As promised, the spirit of the glory days of the Heroes of Might and Magic series reveals itself here, but it lacks both personality and polish even as the strategic elements provide decent challenges.

To its credit, MMH7 generally gets the broad strokes right. True to the series, this is a turn-based game about sending heroes out to explore a world shrouded in a fog of war, where they find resources, allies, and foes hidden throughout. Finding one of the latter means jumping into strategic battles that superficially resemble Holochess from Star Wars, and where your named heroes dish out damage and protect their minions for the sidelines. That's all here, and there's virtually nothing here that hasn't been seen before aside from a welcome addition in the ability to deal additional damage to enemies by flanking them with multiple soldiers. Caravans also make a comeback in MMH7 (after a disappointing absence in MMH6), allowing the hire and placement of new units in town without the need for them to travel with the hero, keeping the pace of exploration steadily entertaining.


The Verdict There's very little that's new about Might and Magic Heroes 7, and that's a good thing when it comes to its classic-style tactical roleplaying exploration and combat and menus that make managing resources easy to understand and let heroes explore at a rewarding pace without frequent backtracking. It manages to scratch a very old PC gaming itch, at least between the awful cutscenes and performance problems.

Score: 6.4/10
Okay - M&M Heroes 7 is a loyal but buggy sequel that manages to scratch a very old PC gaming itch.

  • Classic M&M gameplay
  • Intuitive 2D town maps
  • Good game modes
  • Camera bugs
  • Weird, stiff cutscenes

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7,62 Hard Life - Mod for 7,62 High Calibre released on Steam
Posted: Oct 02, 2015, 09:53 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The mod 7,62 Hard Life for the tactical RPG 7,62 High Calibre has been released on Steam.

The mod is free for all who already own 7,62 High Calibre.

7,62 Hard Life is a fun made enhanced version of the original tactical sim 7,62 High Calibre. Its development started almost immediately after the original game release in 2007. Over 50 people worked on the project in total. We hope you'll enjoy this version, that is available to all owners of the original game on Steam at no extra cost.

Today Hard Life addon contains:​
  • 25 additional locations, including ones taken from addon 7,62 Reload (which was released in Russia only) and new ones made from scratch;
  • around 30 new NPCs;
  • more than 100 new story quests, including the possibility to complete the game without joining any side of the conflict, and numerous side quests;
  • more than 1000 new items, including 130 new weapons;
  • ability to fine tune the gameplay and functionality to your tastes (adjust an amount of enemies, Iron Man mode, hunger and thirst modeling, enhanced transport system, limiting an amount of cash NPC traders have and so on);
  • many fixes for the bugs of the original game;
  • widescreen adaptation;
  • other improvements.
Addon is available in Russian and English languages.

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Fallout - Uncovering the true Origins @ Kotaku
Posted: Oct 02, 2015, 09:53 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Brian Fargo talks about Wasteland and the Fallout series at Kotaku:

Uncovering the Fallout Series' True Origins
The Fallout Anthology is out today, a collection of every game in the greatly loved post-apocalyptic series so far (that's 1997's Fallout, Fallout 2 from 1998, Fallout Tactics from 2001, 2008's Fallout 3, and New Vegas from 2010) that comes in an actual nuke-shaped container, which strikes me as deeply ironic given what the Fallout games have to say about nuclear war. But one crucial game is missing from that collection: Wasteland, a 1988 game for the home computers of the time. Its creator Brian Fargo would go on to make the first two games in the Fallout series with legendary studio Black Isle Studios. (He would also finally make Wasteland 2 in 2014, after a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign. A PS4 and Xbox One version is coming this month.)

Wasteland is the Fallout series' true origins. And not just spiritually: Fallout literally exists because Fargo could not get the rights to the Wasteland name from EA, who originally published it, so he had to come up with something else. As a consequence, perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of Fallout's iconic things, people, places and plotlines originated in Wasteland.

"I think that people have forgotten, or don't know, how much Fallout was actually [the original] Wasteland 2," Fargo tells me. "My charter was like, OK, I can't get the rights to Wasteland 2 from Electronic Arts. I'm never going to pry it from their cold, dead fingers anytime soon. So, what can we do that hits on the open-world nature of it, the sense of a persistent world? Because that's what made Wasteland very revolutionary: this whole concept that you could solve things by using skills and stats on the environment, that you could talk, sneak or shoot your way out of a problem.

"There's a lot of stuff that was literally lifted straight from Wasteland into Fallouts 1 and 2, and even today. I wanted to specifically reference as much as possible without being sued by Electronic Arts. It's like if there was a movie with Han Solo in it before Star Wars." [...]​

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A House of Many Doors - Kickstarter Ends Successfully
Posted: Oct 02, 2015, 09:53 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Congratulations for a successful Kickstarter campaign!

-> here's the last update:

WE DID IT. One thousand, one hundred and three thank-yous are in order!

The campaign has come to a glorious, expectations-shattering end. A House of Many Doors has just been funded!

Let's review, shall we?

A House of Many Doors was covered across the PC gaming press, from Rock Paper Shotgun to PC Gamer to Eurogamer.

We reached £12,866 in funding.

That's over 300% of our funding goal.

And most importantly, 1,103 people pledged.

I am outrageously grateful to every single lovely one of you. Actually, I've had so much gratitude recently that I'm running out of ways to express it, so I'm just going to proffer a traditional "Thank you."

Thank you, all of you.

What next? Well, I'm going to attempt to celebrate, which means I actually stop developing the game for a day! Hopefully this will mean I can interact with humans, consume non-coffee beverages, and experience this thing called "a sun" that people keep talking about.

After that, of course, there's a lot of work still to be done. I'm looking forward to it. (And I'll be providing you with regular updates along the way, of course.)

Let me say it one final time, okay? Thank you.

Now the House will rise from the dark, as terrible as it is vast. And it is infinitely vast.

It awaits you.​

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Victor Vran - Two new Reviews
Posted: Oct 02, 2015, 09:53 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here are two new reviews for the action RPG Victor Vran:


Victor Vran is the Action RPG from developers Haemimont Games. Haemimont have made a name for themselves as strategy specialists with Tropico 3, 4, and 5, as well as other management games too. So this begs the questions: what can a team of strategy specialists bring to make a genre that has very little strategy? And why did they then decide to ignore well established trends for that genre, removing even more strategy from it? Are Haemimont just pulling our chain, like an artist who's thrown some paint at a canvas and called it abstract, or do they have an actual plan at work here? Are Haemimont the new Monet?


Victor Vran is an excellent entry into the action RPG genre. The focus is definitely on combat, with satisfying weapon abilities and direct keyboard control of Victor coupled with active dodge and jump functions make it feel more engaging than other ARPGs. You're restricted in the amount of stuff you can equip at once, limiting your options to a handful of possibilities so it's a welcoming game to genre newcomers but deep enough for veterans to get a kick out of it.

Hexes, challenges and secrets provide plenty of value for completionists and masochists alike but the main story on normal difficulty never really impedes you so long as you keep your equipment and spells up to date with the various drops. Similarly you'll never really be short of gold, it's a game that wants you to worry about how you're going to smash the next group of enemies, not worry about how you're going to afford a new sword or fit it into your bag.

Co-op play is also an absolute blast but not without its glitches, from invisible characters to quests not completing for one character it made for a little confusion and backtracking but never really got frustrating, even when playing on hard with all the hexes active. Overall it's a game worthy of playing solo or with friends, at turns both light and dark in tone thanks to voice actors from The Stanley Parable and The Witcher basically playing the same roles and even lampooning those, and other games.

Score: 4/5

PC PowerPlay:

At first glance Victor Vran looks like another entry in the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series of action RPGs, but in reality it's a very different kind of animal. While there are similarities when it comes to the faux-Gothic seriousness of the story, the overall look of the game and the reliance on pop-culture references for humour, the way the two games play is very different. Victor Vran is about combat, not about character building. There are no classes, no skill trees or unlockable abilities. All skills are tied to equipment. What the eponymous character wears, wields and equips directly affects the way he functions.


A streamlined action RPG with the emphasis placed firmly on the action.

Score: 8/10

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Rite of Life - New Kickstarter
Posted: Oct 02, 2015, 09:53 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Rite of Life is a new game on Kickstarter. It's a life-sim RPG that features a player-driven open world where you start with a small encampment. Through exploring, battling and gathering resources you can turn your home into a prospering town.

Rite of Life is a life-sim RPG being developed for PC by Rebourne Studios, inspired by games like Harvest Moon, Pokémon, Dark Cloud & Monster Hunter.​

-> Steam Greenlight

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Unsung Story - Reddit AMA Finished
Posted: Oct 02, 2015, 03:33 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Reddit AMA with Playdek about Unsung Story took place a few days ago, so if you want to find their feedback on things, such as the recent PVP announcement and the reduction of the team, you can head over there and read it for yourself in all detail, including all the unanswered questions.

The focus of the game is neither PvP nor single player. The focus of the game is to be the best tactical RPG possible. Single player narrative against the AI and PvP online are play modes of the game, and therefore neither one is a focus. The tactics, meaning the character stats and attributes as well as skills, work the same no matter which mode you play the game in, and needs to be balanced evenly. Making an internal multi-player mode available first to outside players gets more hands on the tactics system and gives us more feedback to fine tune and balance the system.​

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Deus Ex: MD - Video Interview @ Forbes
Posted: Oct 02, 2015, 03:33 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Forbes has interviewed Executive game director Jean-Francois Dugas about the combat in Deus: Ex Mankind Divided.

As the video can't be embedded, here is the link to it.

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Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Preview @ Gamespot
Posted: Oct 02, 2015, 03:33 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Gamespot joins the ranks of those taking a look at Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr.

While Martyr is a traditional isometric action-RPG built from elements seen in Neocore's Van Helsing games, it will also sport alterations to the formula that focus on a more tactical approach.

"Unlike with Van Helsing, we downsized the number of enemies on-screen and introduced a cover system, which is a very new concept in action-RPGs," Juhász said. "It'll require you to consider tactics. Are you going to attack the cover because they're destructible? Are you going to move behind them to flank your enemies? Your enemies might even switch sides and hide behind other cover as well, so we have a new AI that will regulate the behavior of monsters, for instance, like an AI that acts as a leader for smaller groups."

But new mechanics aside, the game would fall flat if it wasn't faithful to its universe's lore and the audience of hardcore Warhammer fans who follow it. Thankfully, many of the devs at Neocore are 40K fans themselves and are collaborating with Warhammer IP owner Games Workshop to create an experience that will appeal to its different audiences.​

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