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Victor Vran - Review @Eurogamer
Posted: Aug 02, 2015, 10:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Eurogamer says Victor Vran is "recommended".

More than all that, the game's just extremely personable. The story is forgettable, but it's delivered via Victor's schlocky pronouncements and a playful, teasing, taunting voice in his head that seeks to unsettle you at every turn. ("Victor, you need a vigilante name. How about Hatman?") Equally, alongside the swamps and crypts you're expecting, you get standout locations like the Forlorn Chateau, a haunted mansion with a seriously unpleasant attic that delivers one of the most charismatic ARPG maps I've visited in quite a while. Sure, even middling ARPGs are almost always fun for an hour or so, but Victor Vran will keep you hitting stuff and collecting loot for a lot longer than you might expect.​

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Graywalkers - Development Update
Posted: Aug 02, 2015, 10:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Kickstarter update #28 for Graywalkers Pugatory:

Where We Are
Development continues to move forward continuously. We've come a long way and we're halfway through the year. Nonetheless, there are still lots to do as usual.

For the past month, we've finally managed to figure out our process. Knowing this, we now have a pretty good idea of how much more work needs to be done, and an estimate of what can be done in the time available. We realized that with the quality we have decided to pursue, it is either going to take more time or its going to cost more. At the moment, we have our set budgets and we have seen our limitations based on that. Of course if we manage to get more funds, then this issue becomes moot as we can hire more people beyond the current full time team of 10 people.

We are currently re-assessing our features and trying to see which ones are core, and which ones can follow as we update after release. We're doing this early so that we can manage expectations at this early stage, rather than later down the line when expectations are already set. This does not mean that these features won't eventually get into the game, it is simply that we will have a priority list and the others can follow after. This is where we want your feedback as backers. Your thoughts will guide us on how we are to proceed with regards to these.

Our current plan is to focus on the Single Player Campaign, and all the features that will go with that. The other modes such as Freeform and Multiplayer, will be to follow. All features related to these 2 features, will be put on the secondary list and will be addressed only after majority of the single player campaign will be done.

Also, we already mentioned before that the story will be released as major story arcs, together they will tell the whole grand story that we had originally planned. On their own, each are complete stories unto themselves. We've worked this out to the whole story being released into 3 parts, with each story arc coming out within 6-8 months after Chapter 1 is released, as a free DLC for all KS and PayPal backers. Each chapter will have the adventure happening in a third of the map of the whole country of Purgatory. By the 3rd chapter, you would have explored the whole of Purgatory. This also means that the potential Graywalkers you will find in the first chapter may not be all the available characters yet. Potentially, we are projecting about 18-22+ characters (enough for 3 teams) in the first chapter, another 10-15 by the 2nd and another 10-15 by the 3rd chapter. This means the total number will be over the original 40+ planned, but will be spread out more among locations and chapters.

We would like to know your thoughts and opinions on our plan. These are not final and are subject to change. As we said, this game is not only about what we want, but also what you as backers want as well.

We now also want to discuss a bit about skills. We have now a more or less final list of skills that will be in the game. Of course this is still subject to change based on your feedback, but if there are no violent reactions, these are the skills. We would like to hear your opinion regarding them, especially with regards to which skills needs to be added, condensed or expanded. As it stands, Skills govern all the actions you do in the game, both in and out of combat. As you level up your skills, added special effects and abilities are unlocked.
  • Arcana - this governs spellcasting, supernatural lore, enchanting, ritual magic and conjurations.
  • Athletics - this covers physical skills such as running, jumping, climbing, swimming and sports in general.
  • Computer - this governs the use and knowledge of all computer related equipment. This is also used for programming and hacking.
  • Demolitions - the safe use of explosive materials, as well as disposing and disarming them.
  • Dodge - this is simply the ability to avoid getting hit from ranged and close combat attacks.
  • Drive - this is the required skill to drive vehicles of any kind. The skill affects what type of vehicles you can drive, a factor in the defense of the vehicle from avoiding damage, and the maximum speed of the vehicle.
  • Mechanics - this is the ability to use, repair and build primarily mechanical devices and machines.
  • Electronics - this is the ability to use, repair and build primarily electronic devices.
  • Martial Arts - this is the ability to fight hand-to-hand, or martial weapons that are considered close combat.
  • Medicine - governs the ability to heal various wounds and ailments by natural and scientific means. This includes first aid, herbalism, pharmacy, surgery and other medical fields.
  • Merchant - this is the ability to appraise items, sell them for the best prices and to haggle for the best deals. The higher your skill here, the higher price you get for things sold and the less you have to pay for things bought.
  • Perception - this is the ability to use all your senses to observe your surrounding and assess the details.
  • Persuasion - governs the ability to convince or manipulate people to believe in what you say and sometimes even do what you tell them to do. This can be used for gathering information, getting past guards, or many other applications.
  • Divinity - this is the knowledge about divine beings, religions and prayers. This also governs the ability to cast divine spells, assuming you have access to them. It also includes the ability to sense, exorcise, summon, banish and contain otherworldly beings.
  • Scavenging - this is the ability to search and find useful items from areas and make the most of what you find. The higher your skill in this, the higher percentage of finding scavenge material, as well as finding more in quantity as well as in quality.
  • Science - this is the catch-all skill for scientific skills such as chemistry, mathematics, physics, astronomy, and the like. It also includes the use of high tech science devices and machines.
  • Stealth - this covers various skills that include infiltration, moving silently, avoiding detection and camouflage.
  • Subterfuge - this includes all thievery and criminal type skills such as lock-picking, safe-cracking, pick-pocketing, streetwise, forgery and the like.
  • Survival - this skill covers your ability to use and find things needed for survival in the wilderness. It allows you to better manage your resources, letting you consume less depending on how skilled the members of your team are. It also helps you avoid unwanted encounters and improve your chances in avoiding conflicts when you want or need to.
  • Weapon Skill (WS) - these are the proficiency skills for each type of weapon. It governs the use of those weapons effectively, as well as its maintenance and basic repair (fixing jams). More advanced repairs and modifications will require mechanics or engineering skills however. Below is a list of all the weapon type groups.
  • WS: Assault Rifles (automatic rifles such as M4, Ak47, FAMAS)
  • WS: Blunt Weapons (hammers, maces, clubs, etc.)
  • WS: Edged Weapons (daggers, swords, axes, etc.)
  • WS: Launchers (grenade launchers, rocket launchers)
  • WS: Machine Guns (light machine guns, medium machine guns, etc.)
  • WS: Pistols (revolvers, semi-auto pistols, flinlocks, etc.)
  • WS: Polearms (Glaives, Spears, Halberds, etc.)
  • WS: Projectiles (Bows, Crossbows, Slings, etc.)
  • WS: Rifles (Bolt-action rifles, Sniper Rifles, etc.)
  • WS: Shotguns (Pump-action, semi-auto shotguns, full auto shotguns, etc.)
  • WS: Sub-machine Gun (small automatic weapons such as Uzis, MP5s, machien pistols, etc.)
  • WS: Thrown (Shurikens, Throwing Knives, Kunais, Javelins, Grenades, and basically any other thing you try to throw at a target
Take note that the Table-top RPG will have more skills and are less condensed.

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Quest for the Unicorn - Silver Anniversary Edition Released
Posted: Aug 02, 2015, 04:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]25 years after the initial release in 1990 Mike Riley has released version 6.0 of the rogue-like Quest for the Unicorn:

I cannot believe it but it has been 25 years since Quest for the Unicorn was first released. Without a doubt this has been my longest active project. I originally wrote Quest on a Tandy-1000 with two floppy drives using Turbo Pascal 3. Over the years it has gone through a few major rewrites, converting the code from Pascal to c, another to convert it to the hardcore version and now another to be able to add in extra flexibility to continue to expand in the future.

I give many thanks to those who have supported Quest through the years, either with bug reports, comments on the game, or any other suggestions which helped to keep me working on this game and keep it alive. As a special thanks to all those who supported me over the years I am releasing a special Silver Anniversary Edition. This special compilation will be available for a time here on this site. All characters created in this version, as well as those loaded from 5.7 compatible versions, will receive a special trinket geared towards their class.​


Outstandingly rare feat of game development, this hobbyist rogue-like has actually reached this milestone with a substantial update aimed at welcoming new players and further enticing those seemingly secret ones up to now.
The new features of version 6.0.0:
  • The duration of summoned creatures is now based upon level and magic skill.
  • Added typed damage to monsters as well as typed resistance/immunity.
  • Added new elemental spells.
  • Added elemental gems.
  • Some monsters now do damage over time.
  • Added several new trap types.
  • Changed level 1 poisonous monsters to level 2.
  • Increased the potency of poison.
  • Added rooting effect. A rooted player can still fight but cannot move.
  • Players can no longer move if they exceed their weight limit.
  • Changed water color to be a lighter blue so that it is easier to see.
  • Changed school courses to account for skill changes.
  • It is now possible to ask an npc to join your party after talking with them.
  • Added Heroic mode. Monsters are 2 times stronger.
  • Added Epic mode. Monsters are 4 times stronger.
  • Added casual mode. Disables permadeath and score tracking.
  • Added rebirth.
  • Added racials.
  • Dual weapon wielding.
  • Changed Right and Left hand in inventory to Main hand and Off hand.
  • Redid fear mechanic. Now fear will cause the person feared to run from the nearest threat.
  • Changed force field mechanics. Now neither the player nor monsters can walk through them. Attacking them in melee combat can weaken/destroy them. Force fields will stop all ranged combat without weakening.
  • Changed ranged targeting. Now it is possible to target something that is not on any of the 8 base directions. Beware, monsters also use the new ranged targeting.
  • Fixed bug where healing would use the base max health instead of the adjusted max health.
  • Schools now change the price of courses depending on the level of skill.
  • Added confirmation when using the <Q>uit command to prevent accidently ending a game.
  • Added random spell scrolls. Any class may use these as a single cast spell.
  • When <S>aving, the filename will be pre-loaded with the file used to load the game.
  • Lowered price of status effect clearing potions.
  • Using a weapon that you do not have at least 5 in its controlling skill will decrease chance to hit and damage done.
  • Cursed items can no longer be auto identified.
  • Mobs defeated in upland combat can now leave drops.
  • Fixed bug where using 'x' command on inventory could cause a crash when the 'In Air' item was selected.
  • Added gear restrictions. No longer can all classes equip all gear.
  • Changed how Attack Power increases weapon damage.
  • Added Spell Power stat to increase magical damage/healing.
  • Added Spell Power gems and enchants. Mutables can also be found with Spell Power on them.
  • Polymorph spells added to druid that allows the druid to polymorph himself into various animals. The druid gains attack, defense, and health based upon the animal changed into.
  • Added some additional stats to the character record screen.
  • Revamped and improved Wizard Mode.
  • Changed how new spells are acquired and learned. No longer will casters gain a new spell on level up. Instead spell scrolls must be found or purchased and then transcribed into the caster's spellbook. Casters start with all level 1 spells already known.
  • Added ability to learn spells from other classes, but chances are quite low at succeeding. Chances can be improved by increased Magic and Lore skills.
  • + or - on a weapon no longer affects damage, only chance to hit.
  • Further differentiation of weapon skills.
  • Mutables are now set when the item is spawned rather than when the item is identified. This allows for a mutable's effects to take effect even before the item is known.
  • Shield type spells now provide armor bonuses based upon caster level.
  • Added back the missing mount shop.
  • You can now attempt the oin command on pacified monsters.
  • Two handed weapons (swords, polearms) may never be held in the off hand.
  • If a two handed weapon is in your main hand then nothing can be held in the off hand.
  • Shields will no longer contribute to armor rating if using a 2-handed weapon (polearms, bows, 2 handed swords) or dual wielding.
  • Added flares as a way to see further away.
  • Fixed bug where mana cost reduction from increased magic skill was not computed correctly.
  • Casters in your party will no longer move towards monsters, they stay put and cast from a distance.
  • Fixed bug where secret doors could be found in cities.
  • Changed damage reduction calculation for armor.
  • Fixed bug where you could step on a party member in multi-party combat mode.
  • The magic compass can now be set to any destination that you know of. Locations are known if you have entered them or if you have heard about them from an npc or scroll. To set the compass target, 'u'se it.
  • Bosses have been added to the bottom level of most dungeons. They are typically a couple levels above the monsters you find on the bottom level.
  • Map generator has been replaced. Generated maps are now cleaner and easier to navigate. No more strange intersections, no more doors next to doors next to doors. No more long lines of secret doors between parallel passageways.
  • Reported amount of experience on a level no longer includes friendlies that are on the level.
  • Dungeons no longer scale to the player.
  • Legacy items will no longer spawn duplicate enchants.
  • Mutable items will no longer spawn duplicate enchants.
  • Fixed bug where crafting with no craft item caused a crash.
  • Altering the game using Wizard mode will force the game into casual mode.
  • Damage from Sticks to Snakes snakes is now based upon magic skill rather than player level.
  • Number of snakes summoned by Sticks to Snakes has been changed from 5 to magic skill divided by 10 plus 2.
  • Fixed bug where ring of identification was not identifying items in multi-party combat mode.
  • Fixed bug with energy weapons not hitting targets.
  • <I>nfo command can now be used with house inventories.
  • You can now unpack into an occupied inventory slot, the item there will exchanged with the pack item.
  • Fixed bug where search did not work inside the gateway.
  • Modified topography of final realm to give more cover.
  • Added new playable class: Shaman

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Shiness - New Artwork: The Zeils
Posted: Aug 02, 2015, 10:33 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Take a look at the Zeils - some new creatures out of the great looking JRPG Shiness:


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King's Quest - Review @ IGN
Posted: Aug 02, 2015, 10:33 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Leif Johnson (IGN) has reviewed King's Quest: A Knight to Remember:

Long Live the King
King's Quest: A Knight to Remember is a beautiful experiment in resurrecting the conventions of gaming's past and dressing them up in the lush graphics available today. For the most part, it works, with this, the first of five episodes, telling a lighthearted fantasy story around simple action and rewarding puzzles about knights and dragons. The middle of its roughly six hours can drag a bit as you hunt down the items you need to progress, but even those are full of detailed art and enthusiastic performances.

As with the classic King's Quest game from 1984, a Knight to Remember is the story of the likeable but overly excitable Graham, who's working his way toward being a knight (and eventually king). But this new version is a quality reboot that tells an all-new story of Graham's attempts to outwit four other candidates for an open knight position, and it's told capably enough that it should be appealing to newcomers as well as veterans. The caveat to that is that there's no tutorial or even a quest list to introduce new players to the conventions of this old-school-style adventure and guide you through it, which means you'll have to be comfortable figuring things out on your own. [...]

The Verdict
Old-school adventure game mechanics make a great return to form in King's Quest: A Knight to Remember. This tale is funny, beautiful, and challenging enough to make up for a few plodding quests and frequent load screens, and it maintains its personality from start to finish, sprinkling the first episode of its story with happy highs and tragic lows.

Final Score: 8/10 Great

Full of humor, heart, and beauty, King's Quest is a admirable revival of classic adventure games.

+ Beautiful artwork
+ Excellent voice acting
+ Simple, rewarding puzzles
- Midgame drags a bit
- Unskippable cutscenes​

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BattleTech - Interview @ MMO RPG
Posted: Aug 01, 2015, 04:02 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Robert Lashley has interviewed the staff of Harebrained Schemes about their upcoming Kickstarter BattleTech:

MMORPG: It's been over 20 years since we last saw a PC game based on the BATTLETECH brand. You are in the position to introduce an entirely new generation to the series. Can you give a quick rundown on what BATTLETECH is?

HAREBRAINED SCHEMES: BattleTech is the story of warring noble houses fighting for hundreds of years to claim the throne of the Star League, an interstellar empire covering most of human-colonized space.

This all-consuming interstellar war is waged by MechWarriors, elite knights and nobles who pilot mankind's most powerful and versatile fighting machine - the BattleMech - adaptable to every planetary environment and armed with enough firepower to level a small city. With technology in decline after a thousand years of war, 'Mechs are precious, rare, and prized possessions, handed down from generation to generation.

MMORPG: What is your favorite thing about BATTLETECH?

HBS: It's the contrasts of the BattleTech Universe - the stories of MechWarriors fighting for control of a single battlefield, while the nobles manipulate court politics for control of hundreds of worlds.

(We also love the idea that the older the tech, the more advanced it is. After centuries of war, a lot has been lost.)

MMORPG: In the past there has been some controversy over the use of images. What kind of impact does that have on your art team? Are we going to see the original Mechs or do you plan to go in an entirely new direction?

HBS: Whatever controversy there was regarding images from Southern Cross and Macross was settled over a decade ago, so there will be no impact on our art team.

MMORPG: There have been board games, pen and paper RPG's, and collectable card games based on BATTLETECH. What style of game will this be?

HBS: Harebrained Schemes' BATTLETECH features an open-ended Mercenaries-style campaign that blends RPG 'Mech and MechWarrior management with modern turn-based tactics. These two elements, solid storytelling and turn-based tactics, are at the core of our Shadowrun series and we are excited to bring them to BattleTech.

MMORPG: Other than the obvious answer, giant robots, what is so compelling for you about BATTLETECH?

HBS: The thing that we love most about BattleTech is that the 'Mechs are essentially the armored warhorses of feudal warriors vying for an interstellar throne. Although most people come to BattleTech for the 'Mechs, they stay for the story. The Machiavellian conflicts of the BattleTech Universe have kept players engaged for over 30 years now.

MMORPG: What lessons did you learn from the Shadowrun and Golem Arcana Kickstarters that you will apply towards the development of BATTLETECH?

HBS: The "6 P Principal" - Proper Prep Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The key is not biting off more than you can chew or overcommitting your studio. Kickstarters can be extremely exciting and it's easy to get swept up in the joy of co-funding a game with a passionate audience. This can lead to scope creep as well as rewards and stretch goals that prove challenging to deliver.

Our relationship to our Backers is a critical component of the process and we believe that being up-front with them about what we can and cannot do is vital to a maintaining a healthy relationship. Kickstarter is more than just funding for us. It's a way to stay close to the people who play our games throughout development, not just after we ship.

MMORPG: The Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter was to help add features to the final product. Is that going to be the case for this Kickstarter or is development entirely dependent upon its success?

HBS: Like Shadowrun: Hong Kong, we're going to co-fund development of BattleTech with our Backers. Unlike Shadowrun: Hong Kong, BattleTech will be starting from a completely new code-base, so it requires a much larger initial budget. We're asking Backers to help co-fund the initial creation of the title with us, much like a traditional publisher might. We will also be presenting a variety of stretch goals which Backers can help fund to expand the game.

MMORPG: Is there any other thing that we haven't talked about yet that you would like our readers to know?

HBS: Yes. When we told the studio we got the rights to make a turn-based BattleTech game, everyone broke out in loud spontaneous applause. Just like Shadowrun, Harebrained Schemes is filled with people who are super-passionate about BattleTech and many of us grew up playing it. We are thrilled that we have an opportunity to to make it.

MMORPG: Makes sure you check out HBS's new website for future details:

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Heroes of Legionwood - New Fantasy JRPG
Posted: Aug 01, 2015, 10:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The first episode of the new game by Dark Gaia Studios: Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness is out now:

Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness is a fantasy RPG in the style of the classics from the early 90s. Set in a dark, desperate world on the brink of annihilation by an otherworldly horror known only as "The Darkness", it combines elements of both J-RPGs and Western RPG classics -- it's like someone took parts of Final Fantasy and merged them into Baldur's Gate.

Age of Darkness is the first episode in a planned trilogy, but it is also designed to be played as a stand-alone game, containing ~10 hours of gameplay and an ending that (while setting things up for the next game) also provides closure.

It has been 100 years since the world ended. Human civilization has been devastated by a malevolent force known only as the Darkness and only the last remnants of humanity remain. Playing the role of Locke, a young adventurer determined to save his people, you'll discover a world where your choices have consequences and every victory comes with a price. Can you stop the Darkness, or will you perish along with the rest of society, never to be heard from again?
  • 10+ hours of non-linear RPG gameplay.
  • Turn based combat with three different difficulty levels.
  • Dynamic companions who react to your decisions.
  • Branching choices with far reaching consequences.

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XCOM 2 - Every new Class and Alien Revealed So Far @ Gamespot
Posted: Aug 01, 2015, 10:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Gamespot gives an overview of all new XCOM 2 classes and aliens that have been revealed so far.

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Witcher 3 - Patch 1.08 Changelog
Posted: Aug 01, 2015, 10:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]CD Project Red released a list of changes coming with patch 1.08:

The next patch will be arriving quite soon. Please check the list of changes below.

  • Overall improvements to performance, including some issues that may have been caused by 1.07.
  • [Japanese Only][PS4 Only] Fixes an issue where the background text of certain books would flicker.
  • Fixes an issue where part of the Kaer Morhen map would not display properly.
  • Fixes a rare issue where items would disappear from the stash.
  • Fixes a very rare issue which would cause Geralt to get stuck when trying to run.
  • The interaction pop-up will no longer appear on lootable objects that are empty.
  • Fixes an occasional glitch in one of the dwarf combat animations.
  • Heads chopped off during finishers will no longer disappear.
  • "Players can perform a roll just before landing to significantly reduce the damage caused by falling.
  • We've added a tutorial pop-up window explaining this to make it clearer."
  • In patch 1.07, the level requirements for certain items were scaled up, leaving some players stuck with only unusable gear. With patch 1.08, we are introducing the Wolven Hour potion. This potion will be available in everyone's inventory once they install the patch. It will reduce level requirements on all gear for a period of one hour. This will give players time to level up or find alternative equipment using the gear that was available to them in patch 1.05 but became unusable after patch 1.07. After one hour, the potion's effects will cease and the requirements for all gear will revert to their original, pre-potion values.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to compare their items with ones sold by merchants.
  • Players will now be able to complete the Card Collector achievement.
  • Achievements are now working properly again and will be unlocked if players meet their requirements after installing this patch (PC version).
  • Fixes an issue where interiors would sometimes not display properly on the minimap.
  • Fixes an issue where certain world elements would sometimes be missing and noticeable visual glitches would be present while in Novigrad.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to finish the "It Takes Three to Tango" quest, even though they had obtained wine at the Kingfisher.
  • Fixes an issue where Geralt would sometimes die after traveling to Velen in the quest "Something Ends, Something Begins."
  • The entrance to the area where the Sunstone is obtained will no longer be blocked off if the player exits it prematurely during "The Sunstone" quest.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to complete the "Get Junior" quest on certain occasions.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to finish the "Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear" quest due to a closed gate.
  • Fixes an issue where some players were unable to investigate rooms during the "Family Matters" quest, effectively blocking their progression.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to finish the "Hey, You Wanna Look at my Stuff?" quest.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to talk to Roche during the "An Eye for an Eye" quest.
  • Fixes an issue where Roche would stay at his camp instead of going to the Oxenfurt Bridge in the "Get Junior" quest.
  • Fixes an issue where, under certain circumstances, Yennefer would not appear in Oxenfurt during the "The Great Escape" quest.
  • Drowners will have a harder time killing Nidas during the "Black Pearl" quest.
  • Fixes an issue which led to an infinite loading screen during the "To Bait a Forktail..." quest under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes a rare issue where the basement was locked during the "King's Gambit" quest.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to free the merchant during the Person in Distress event in the Claywich area.
  • The trolls at the Circle of Elements will no longer attack Geralt if he opts for a peaceful resolution.
  • Fixes an issue where players were unable to talk to Roche during the "Brothers in Arms" quest.
  • Fixes an issue where Zoltan's card was unobtainable.
  • Preparatory features paving the way for the introduction of New Game + in the future.

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ELEX - WoPB Summarizes GameStar Info
Posted: Jul 31, 2015, 09:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The World of Piranha Bytes community uploaded their second video podcast for PB's new game Elex. This time they summarize the info in the current GameStar's world exclusive Elex cover story. Condensed facts, no speculation.

You'll like what you hear.

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Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Edition Teaser
Posted: Jul 31, 2015, 09:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new teaser trailer for next month's Risen 3 Enhanced Edition for the PS4 has been released.

A PC version is coming too, but for 64bit systems only. That's not really a surprise because modders had already hit the limits the 32bit version of the game could handle. An update or upgrade will also be offered in one way or the other.

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Grandia II HD - Coming to GOG and Steam This Year
Posted: Jul 31, 2015, 03:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The whole internet, for example Dark Side of Gaming, is reporting that the already announced Grandia II HD conversion will be released this year on GOG and Steam.

Based on the Sega Dreamcast version of the game, Grandia II HD Edition's remaster features numerous improvements from the original - including a visual upgrade to HD graphics, original Japanese voice-acting, a new difficulty level, and gamepad support for a more nostalgic experience.​

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Van Helsing: Final Cut - Video and Screenshots
Posted: Jul 31, 2015, 03:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut is making its way to Gamescom. For those who forgot what this is, it is the collection of all three games with some extras.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut is a standalone product that:
  • Combines campaign content from all three games with modified or added content
  • Provides more than 50 hours of gameplay in the campaign mode
  • Lets the player choose between 6 playable classes from the beginning
  • Has a reworked and extended skill tree system
  • Contains all the tower defense game modes, all made optional yet highly rewarding
Whether the player has completed the campaign or not, it is possible to
  • Create a new character or get a level 80 character from the beginning
  • Play one of the 20 scenario maps that can randomly assemble terrain, monsters, objectives and conditions
  • Try out the daily quests, challenges and weekly events
  • Join one of the refined multiplayer modes (4-player co-op mode, touchdown, arena, or battle royal)
  • Reach level 100 and evolve further with an endgame featuring a Glory system, rare items and currency, Dreamshards
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut will be released in September 2015, and will continue to provide content for a long time to come. It will be a standalone title on Steam, priced at $44.99. Anyone who owns all three games in the trilogy already will get the game for free.​

And a video:

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Demons Age - Testers Wanted, Video and Screenshots
Posted: Jul 31, 2015, 09:52 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Accompanying the press release for Demons Age, here are fifteen screenshots.

The launch video:

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Technobabylon - Review @ Hardcore Gaming 101
Posted: Jul 31, 2015, 09:52 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Jonathan Kaharl (Hardcore Gaming 101) has reviewed Technobabylon:

Back in 2010, a small indie group called Technocrat released three episodes of a planned ten episode game series called Technobabylon, a cyberpunk thriller of a point and click that took things back to the old school sensibilities. Then, the project silently disappeared, as the team went on to make games like "Nancy the Happy ***** and the Perfidious Petrol Station" (yes, really, and it's apparently not that dirty). Not where most would put their priorities, but whatever. Come 2015, the game finally got a full and proper release with the help of Wadjet Eye Games, the creators of the Blackwell series and countless other adventure game gems from the past few years. All ten episodes, the three finish and seven planned, were finished and given a new coat of paint by Wadjet Eye's talented art team, then compiled together into one full title, making it one of the largest games in the studio's entire library up to that date (if not THE largest). It took about four years, but the wait was certainly worth it. It was the big hit Technocrat needed, but as far as the title weighs on Wadjet Eye's output, it came up with a few issues.

The game's story proper follows three main characters in the cyberpunk city of Newton. The first character is Latha Sesame, a junkie of Trance, a sort of internet of the future that loads itself directly in the user's brain. Her normal day trancing goes wrong when she's locked up in her home by faulty tech, then nearly killed when a bomb goes off one apartment under her, just as she's managing to escape. Her story intertwines with the stories of Charlie Regis and Max Lao, two members of the CEL. They work as investigators for the city and are on the track of a dangerous mindjacker that has been killing hundreds of people across the city. Things become complicated as Regis finds himself being blackmailed by an unknown person, and things quickly start spiraling out of control and his past starts catching up with him. Among all this is Central, the world's greatest AI that runs Newton, and the center of all the conflict that's occurring. [...]​

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