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Battle Brothers - New Weapons & Tools
Posted: Jan 15, 2017, 02:32 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here's dev blog #94 for Battle Brothers:

Dev Blog #94: New Weapons & Tools
Work is progressing well on the late game crises - all new contracts and twists are in the game now, and next up is implementing events and some remaining mechanics. So while we're busy doing that, let's take a look at some of the new weapons and tools that the upcoming update will bring to the table. Read on!

New Weapons
The upcoming update will bring a total of at least 13 new weapons to the game. While some are unique to the Ancient Dead and come with unique skills, others are there to fill the remaining gaps in progression.

Hooked Blade
An agricultural tool adapted for use in battle, the Hooked Blade is a mid-tier variant of the Billhook. We're handing it out to bandit raiders as we speak, for two purposes: first, to smoothen the difficulty spike experienced when meeting them in the early game, and second, to smoothen the power spike when looting these in the early game. The Billhook is still sometimes wielded by your enemies, of course, but it's more rare now, and more often found on well-equipped noble troops or other mercenaries.

Rondel Dagger
A long, quadrangular spike designed to pierce through weak points in armor, the Rondel Dagger is a high-tier variant of the existing dagger. It's there to make daggers more viable as niche weapons later on, and it's what named daggers are now based on in terms of stats. Note that the upcoming update will also bring a minor change to how the Puncture skill works!

Military Pick
An evolution of the classic pickaxe, the Military Pick has been adapted for use in combat to puncture the sturdiest of armors. It fills the gap between the low-tier Pickaxe and the high-tier Warhammer, and by being both more affordable and common than the latter, will give you the means to successfully engage heavily armored opponents, such as Orc Warriors, earlier in the game.

Heavy Crossbow
The heavy crossbow is the new high tier variant of the crossbow, and is effective even against heavily armored targets. It's roughly equivalent to the high-tier Warbow, and should make the use of crossbows more viable later on in the game if you favor armor-piercing qualities and ease of use over range and rate of fire. Named crossbows are now also based on the Heavy Crossbow in terms of stats.

New Tools
The update won't just add new weapons, but also several new tools and accessories. Some of these can be unlocked as rewards for fulfilling ambitions, while others can simply be bought at the right place.

A trained falcon can be taken into battle similar to wardogs. It doesn't fight, but can at any time be let loose to lift the fog of war in an area around you for the remainder of the current round. Useful, for example, when you're ambushed in deep forest, or looking for that necromancer that keeps evading you.

Sergeant's Sash
The Sergeant's Sash can be earned by fulfilling a specific ambition, and it's to be worn by your second-in-command in the accessory slot. Not only does it make him visually stand out, it also grants a bonus to the Resolve stat, which in turn synergizes with the ability to rally the men and raise their morale.​

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ELEX - At PC Gamer Weekender
Posted: Jan 15, 2017, 02:32 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Two THQ Nordic games (Elex, Spellforce 3l) will be playable by the public at PC Gamer Weekender in London:

THQ Nordic bringing titles to the PC Gamer Weekender Get your hands on ELEX.
The PC Gamer Weekender will be host to a wide range of publishers and the lovely, lovely games they all want to bring with them.

One such attendee will be THQ Nordic, which is bringing with it a couple of interesting titles for the public to get a good, solid hands-on with. First up is ELEX, a brand new IP from Piranha Bytes-creators of the Risen and Gothic RPG series. An "Eclectic, Lavish, Exhilarating, Xenial open-world action-RPG", ELEX mixes sci-fi and fantasy to great effect.

Set in an edgy, dark and uncompromising world where players are battling for a magical resource known as-you guessed it-ELEX. Along the way you'll explore futuristic and medieval settings, battle with swords, magic and guns and face off against-or just have a natter with-original characters and mutated creatures.

Piranha Bytes Game Director Bjorn Pankratz said ELEX will be a "completely new game experience with a fresh setting, new assets and plenty of possibilities."

THQ Nordic's second title at the PC Gamer Weekender will be a more familiar, though no less exciting, name: Spellforce 3.

The third game in the near-15-year-old RPG/RTS series is being developed by Grimlore Games, and acts as a prequel to the original Spellforce: The Order of Dawn and maintains the series' setting of Eo.

Both games and many more will be available to play at the PC Gamer Weekender, which is being held February 18-19 at the Olympia, London, in the UK. For more details see the site, and follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news.​

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Has-Been Heroes - Announced
Posted: Jan 15, 2017, 08:32 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@RockPaperShotgun Frozenbyte, the developers behind Trine, have announced Has-Been Heroes, a roguelike action RPG.


You have a lineup of heroes from regular fantasyfolk like rogues and wizards to more esoteric ones like, ah, luchadors. Frozenbyte say they can be powered up with hundreds of different items and spells. They talk about combining spells and learning new elements too, which sounds a bit Magicka-y.

As for the roguelikelike part, it looks like it's made into runs, with each deadly try bringing new level layouts (made of rooms connected by branching paths) and the luck of the drop. To my eyes, at least; I can only see what you see.

Has-Been Heroes is due to launch this March. Frozenbyte are also working on a Magicka-lookin' wizard 'em up, Nine Parchments.​

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The Technomancer - Review
Posted: Jan 15, 2017, 08:32 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Techomancer has been reviewed by the Missouri Injury Blog:

Review: 'The Technomancer' Could Scratch That 'Mass Effect' Itch
Players waiting for the next installment of the Mass Effect franchise could get a little satisfaction with The Technomancer by French video game development studio Spiders.

While The Technomancer is not really a Mass Effect clone, it serves as a good offering in a world already inundated with AAA RPG titles. What Spiders has done here is provide a game at a limited budget that not only has a great story, but offers a unique gameplay experience that involves a wide variety of combat styles.

However, first, let's start with the negative: the character creation process. It's not that the initial character creator is basic, though. The problem is that, in 2016, it's pretty much unacceptable to have a customizable character but only offer the male gender. It seems that this is a huge oversight on The Technomancer's part, and for those who like to play as female characters, it also tarnishes gameplay from the onset.

Yet, it's not like gamers haven't always been forced to play as male characters, and eventually, once they get past that, The Technomancer is a solid game.


This setting is already familiar to those who played Spiders' previous game, Mars: War Logs. The Technomancer takes everything from that game and expands upon it, including adding new settings, better graphics and a much-improved combat system. The story here is also really good, and even side missions feel as if they're relevant to what's going on overall. This is one of those games that players will want to explore immensely, doing every mission to earn reputation with NPCs and others.

There's also a romance option, although it's more limited than Mass Effect (it's more like Fallout 4 ). For those who love BioWare's brand of storytelling, though, this is very similar to that: there is laughter, tears and everything in between.

Score: 8.5/10

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Mass Effect: Andromeda - Romances Galore!
Posted: Jan 15, 2017, 08:32 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@Gamerant, Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature a lot of romance options according to Michael Gamble.

Most intrepid Romeos (or Juliets) will first want to take a look at their own squad, which remains somewhat of a mystery for the time being. The ship will be driven by a Salarian pilot, and it has been revealed that an ex-cop named Liam and an Asari named PeeBee will feature as crew members. Aside of that, the galaxy is sure to hold plenty of surprises, though it's clear some of the new species are destined to be friendlier than others. As can be expected in a modern BioWare title, traditional gender roles likely won't play a factor into which romantic interests will be available.​

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Vikings - Wolves of Midgard - Combat Trailer
Posted: Jan 15, 2017, 08:32 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@PCGamesN noticed a combat trailer for Vikings - Wolves of Midgard.

Taking footage from the latest build of their Norse hack and slash, Kalypso Media have cut together a new combat trailer for Vikings - Wolves of Midgard. Set following the dreadful battle of Ragnarok, Vikings - Wolves of Midgard has players fighting against fearsome frost giants and undead creatures as they try to keep their village alive during the cold of Fimbulwinter.

As either a Viking warrior or shieldmaiden, Vikings - Wolves of Midgard can have players team up in online co-op to destroy the vile beasts that threaten to destroy what's left of your homeland. Killing enemies grants you blood, which you can sacrifice at special altars to gain powers from the gods. It's all suitably metal, as you can wield ridiculously sized axes, hammers and swords to cut pig demons and trolls in half.​

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Conan Exiles - Will come with mod support
Posted: Jan 14, 2017, 08:22 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@DSOGaming they tell us about Conan Exiles mod capability and server system.

Funcom announced the server system, the tools they get to control the server and the world around them, and the mod support system in Conan Exiles on PC. In Conan Exiles, Players will be able to set up their own dedicated servers using their own hardware or rent servers through Funcom's official server partner PingPerfect.

Players can easily find the right server to suit their preferred playstyle by using the Community Filter when they first start playing. This allows them to find a comfortable home with likeminded gamers in categories such as Hardcore, Role-Play, Casual, and so on.

If you choose to run your own server, you will have access to a powerful server control system that allows you to alter many aspects of the play experience. Here you can toggle PvP, turn off avatars, disable the sandstorm, choose what players lose when they die, control the day/night cycle, resource yield, and much more. Server admins can easily make changes to settings in-game, on the fly, and instantly see the changes, most of which does not even require a server restart. Server admins also have access to a full-featured in-game developer tool that allows them spawn any item available in the game, from weapons to building pieces and resources. They can also trigger god mode, make themselves invisible, teleport around the game world, spawn monsters and NPCs, disable hunger/thirst, and much more.​

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Ashbourne - Release Date: January 19
Posted: Jan 14, 2017, 02:22 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The open world action RPG Ashbourne will be released on January 19:

Ashbourne is a non-fantasy open world role-playing game set in an immersive 15th century world.

Take on the role of Alexander Marshal, a knight of the Endewyn empire, as you battle on behalf of your empire with the aim of protecting Endewyn's honour, and it's people. Players will help to lead Endewyn to battle, wiping out enemies and anything else that stands in the way.

Features Quest-based story, with optional side quests
Follow the quest-based story of Ashbourne through Alexander's eyes, with optional side quests and extra activities around the world to complete.

Fluid combat system, allowing different styles of combat
Ashbourne's contains a fluid combat system which allows players to deliver fatal attacks to enemies using an array of deadly weapons, all of which have different styles of combat which the player can adapt to.

Immersive 15th century world
Ashbourne is based in an immersive and largely dynamic medieval 15th century world, dynamic lighting, weather and time of day can allow different atmospheres and NPC behaviour whilst exploring.

Multi-choice dialogue system
The player's choice of dialogue can alter the path which they follow in the world. Tied into a respect and loyalty system, values fluctuate based on dialogue choices and actions.

Sell unneeded goods found around the world to merchants for extra money, or you can gamble for coin by playing Alea in any tavern in Endemyr.​

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Queen Of Thieves - Release Date: January 20
Posted: Jan 14, 2017, 02:22 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The dating sim/RPG Queen Of Thieves from Winter Wolves will be released next week:

For a long time, the three sisters Joanne, Kira and Thalia were on their own, living their separate lives. They believed their mother Arianna, the Queen of Thieves, to be dead, executed twenty years ago in the town of Ahkra by the villainous Lord Raul Capello.

One day, their father Lysander calls them to Ahkra. He has big news: their mother, and his wife, could still be alive! At least, that's what a mysterious figure is telling him. They seem to be the only one who knows what's really going on, and they're willing to help the sisters, for a price.

They'll need to follow in their mother's footsteps, robbing from the rich to meet the increasingly outrageous demands of their mysterious benefactor.

At the same time, they'll meet new people, who might become more than friends:
  • Tiberius, the guard captain.
  • Fredrick, the owner of the biggest shop in the town.
  • Melvin, a man full of mystery.
  • Mary-Ann, the town's blacksmith.
  • Moirgane, a waitress at the biggest tavern in town.
  • Therjalla, a travelling scholar working as a healer in the local temple.
The game features simplified RPG combat and gameplay, beautiful manga artwork and an original soundtrack with a theme song.

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Hellenica - Devlog
Posted: Jan 14, 2017, 08:22 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Read the Dragonloft devlog and learn a few things the upcoming tactical RPG Hellenica:

Hellenica Party Intros: Brasidas, the Exiled Spartan Part 2 Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've got a fun weekend planned. I, of course, will be playing Hellenica, as usual. ;)

Today we're wrapping up Brasidas' party intro with two of his unlockable skills: Iron Vanguard and Tribute to Ares! Go ahead and catch up on Part 1 if you haven't already. Really, I'll wait.

First up, Iron Vanguard. Brasidas is able to channel his extensive Spartan training and create a makeshift vanguard all on his own. When used, four Iron Spartans will spawn in the spaces adjacent to Brasidas until the end of the enemy turn.

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Heroes of Steel - Update #91
Posted: Jan 14, 2017, 08:22 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Trese Brothers are still improving the tactical RPG Heroes of Steel:

Update #91: Upgrading UX + Hovers + Patches This week hits a bunch of areas across the game -- we're improving the UI in a new round, upgrading hovers with more data, fixing quality of life snags, and clearing some bugs from the table before the story content release.

This week, we've rebuild the waystation and campsite interfaces. They're faster to use, require no toggling between heroes, and show off the game's art better. Enjoy!

Hovers on the map for both enemies and heroes now include all buffs and curses. They also include the duration of those buffs and curses once they drop to 3 or below, so you can easily look over the enemy forces, or your own heroes for missing effects or ones that are about to expire.

We fixed a bug that was causing monsters to sometimes have double their buffs when the game was opened from the main menu into a pre-existing combat. Rare, but important fix!

Finally, we fixed an issue that causing havoc with elemental res and causing magical weapons not to have their Res set properly.

We also clarified a rule in the leveling screens -- if you are using dual wielding blades, you do not get the Strength bonus to Damage for them, even if your primary weapon is Strength-based.

4.2.77 - 1/13/2017
  • Rebuilt waystation / campsite / inn interfaces
  • Mouse hovers now show buffs, curses, and durations for enemy and heroes
  • Fixed bug where first turn after load, some monsters getting double buffs
  • Fixed bug with Fire Res stacking from All Elemental Res
  • Improved UI elements across the game
  • Clarified that +Damage bonus from Strength does not effect Dual Wield in leveling screens

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Styx: Shards of Darkness - Art of Stealth Trailer
Posted: Jan 13, 2017, 08:02 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new trailer for the stealth adventure game Styx: Shards of Darkness:

Styx: Shards of Darkness unveils the "Art of Stealth" trailer
Styx: Shards of Darkness is Cyanide Studio's upcoming Stealth Adventure game arriving March 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Today, watch Styx subvert Elven defenses in a stealthy attack that sees him using throwing daggers, knives, traps and even chandeliers to distract and kill his enemies, and steal the coveted Quartz, a source of magical power.

As a nimble Goblin, Styx's strengths are boosted by a magical Amber flowing through his veins, allowing him a plethora of magical abilities such as amber vision, a short-lived invisibility, and even the possibility to clone himself. As well as these, Shards of Darkness introduces crafting, allowing Styx to create tools and gadgets to distract, disable, and kill his foes.

Use both magic and mayhem to infiltrate huge environments on the hunt for Quartz in Styx: Shards of Darkness, releasing March 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! You can preorder the game now on STEAM to get 10% off and exclusive access to the Akenash set, donning the outfit and dagger from Styx's first adventure.​

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The Dwarves - New Patch for PC and Consoles
Posted: Jan 13, 2017, 08:02 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new patch for The Dwarves has been released, with the following patch notes:

The Dwarves - Patch for PC and Consoles Online

Vienna/Austria, Bremen/Germany - January 12, 2017 - Continuing in 2017, KING Art will not cease to work on The Dwarves. As we already announced in December with the release of the patch for Xbox One, The Dwarves has now received a performance patch on all platforms. Apart from performance improvements, it has also fixed one or two bugs. Exact patch notes below:

  • Decreased loading times between different scenes (the game loads most scenes at least twice as fast)
  • Decreased restart times in battles (65-75% faster restart times)
  • Improved performance through better audio playback handling
  • Removed framerate stutters due to audio processing in combat
  • Fixed an error in battle of Mifurdania
  • Fixed an error in the Golem battle
  • Fixed "Greater Healing Potion"
  • Improved performance in Toboribor
  • Improved moving on the worldmap
  • Fixed an error in portrait icons
Xbox One
  • Decreased loading times between different scenes (the game loads most scenes at least twice as fast)
  • Decreased restart times in battles (65-75% faster restart times)
  • Fixed an error in battle of Mifurdania
  • Fixed an error in the Golem battle
  • Fixed "Greater Healing Potion"
  • Removed framerate stutters due to audio processing in combat
  • Decreased loading times between different scenes
  • Decreased restart times in battles
  • Fixed an error in battle of Mifurdania
  • Fixed an error in the Golem battle
  • Fixed "Greater Healing Potion"
  • Fixed an error in portrait icons
After today's patch, the next thing KING Art will work on is content for The Dwarves. The patch is expected to release in March 2017 on all platforms and, among other things, offers the so-called "Challenge Mode", a new game mode, which confronts players with various challenges on different maps, i.e. standing against new enemies as long as possible, or defeating a specific amount of enemies as fast as possible etc. Stay tuned!​

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Ghost of a Tale - Dynamic Vegetation
Posted: Jan 13, 2017, 08:02 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]In this update for Ghost of a Tale, Seith explains how he implemented dynamic vegetation in the game.

The reason why I developed this system is because I don't like it when I see vegetation behaving like the vertex are warping and stretching unnaturally around a sphere or capsule shape (even in AAA games). If I were a shader wizard maybe I would have come up with a super smart shader that would give me what I need, alas I'm not. So I had to find another way...

The main idea is what happens around Tilo should be high quality while the rest should stay as cheap as possible (nothing new here).

In this example the fern objects are made of two models:
  • A static one (a simple mesh with usual LODs)
  • A dynamic one (same model as LOD0 but the stems are skinned to a couple of joints). Technically each stem only uses 2 bones (the end one is not part of the skinning).

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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Afterbirth Review
Posted: Jan 13, 2017, 07:53 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Destructoid has reviewed Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth addon:

Review: Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Don't cry to me, oh baby!

Over the years, I've grown to have almost an obsession with Edmund McMillen's games. They typically are fiendishly simple ideas with tremendous complexity in execution. Super Meat Boy is just a platformer, but the level design follows a Mario Bros. style approach to teaching through mechanics and the art design reflects a personal belief that McMillen felt games were failing to live up to. Any meager description doesn't do the game justice.

The same can be said for The Binding of Isaac, which is almost like an autobiography of McMillen's childhood. While he obviously wasn't killing weird creatures (or his own mother) in a disgusting basement, the naivety of childhood shows in the grotesque depiction of biblical figures taken through an almost literal description.

And while the remake for Isaac, dubbed Rebirth, felt like a definitive edition of McMillen's magnum opus, we eventually saw the release of an expansion that basically doubled the game's content. A little over a year after that and we're being treated to a second, and supposedly final, expansion called Afterbirth+.

Does this final chapter live up to fan expectations and is it worth getting for the uninitiated?


Score: 8.5/10 - Great

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