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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - The Underground:  
Overview  |  The Trash Warrens  |  The Buried Village  |  Weeping Stone Catacombs  |  The Dead Nations  |  The Drowned Nations  |  The Warrens of Thought  
Previous Act: The Hive  |  Next Act: Find the Place where Annah Found your Body  


Welcome to Act 3, where you will explore some of the places that lie hidden deep beneath Sigil. This act is a bit more linear than the previous act, and it is also more combat-oriented.

What happens in Act 3?

This act begins when you enter the Trash Warrens and ends when you bring the Bronze Sphere to Pharod.

First, you have to find your way through the Trash Warrens to the Buried Village, where you will finally locate Pharod. Before he will tell you anything, he wants you to do him a small favor: He is seeking a Bronze Sphere, which he believes can be found somewhere in the Weeping Stone Catacombs. To find it, you will have to descend into the catacombs and beyond. Enter the catacombs and find your way through the Dead Nations into the Drowned Nations.

When you have found the Bronze Sphere, bring it back to Pharod, who will tell you what he knows.

I normally play this act in the following way:

  • Explore the Trash Warrens thoroughly.
  • Explore the Buried Village before speaking to Pharod.
  • Speak to Pharod to gain his task to find the Bronze Sphere and his permission to enter the Weeping Stone Catacombs.
  • Explore the Weeping Stone Catacombs and the four smaller crypts.
  • Enter the Dead Nations and submit when the undead demand that you stay there. Then gain their permission to leave.
  • Enter the Drowned Nations and find the Decanter of Endless Water and not least the Bronze Sphere. Take the opportunity to examine the Empty Tomb you find there.
  • Return via the Dead Nations to the Weeping Stone Catacombs and clear up any loose ends there (you will have a quest from Glyve to find the Decanter and you can gain an extra quest from a dead Collector named Chad).
  • Explore the Warrens of Thought. This area is optional but I recommend it for the extra experience, both in XP and gameplay. And of course for the extra loot!
  • Return to Pharod with the Bronze Sphere.

When you return the Bronze Sphere to Pharod, he introduces you to his daughter Annah, whom you have probably already met back in the Hive – she was the girl with a tail hanging around in the Northeastern Hive Sector who told you that Pharod was hiding in the Alley of Dangerous Angles. Pharod will ask her to show you where she found your body. This starts Act 4: Find the Place where Annah found your Body.


Act 3 introduces you to a few new creatures:

  • Cranium Rats. What threat, you may ask, could rats pose to a seasoned cutter like you? A rat or two, not much. But when there are ten or more, it's quite another story. When many Cranium Rats are together, they share a common mind and become more intelligent. Much more intelligent, in fact. When there are enough of them, they can throw some pretty heavy spells at you and be a real threat even to an experienced party! But here's a tip: In a group of Cranium Rats there is usually only one spell-casting rat. The others just contribute brain power to the spellcaster. Take out the spellcaster, and the rest of the rats are just rats – albeit still a lot of hostile rats, each with a bite!
  • Wererats: This is what becomes of the unfortunates who are infected with Lycanthropy: They become half rat, half human. Most Wererats you meet are extremely hostile to human intruders; fortunately they are not expert fighters. Beware that they can only be harmed by magical weapons.
  • Skeletons and Zombies: You have already met these creatures in the Mortuary. Here, you will have a chance to speak to them. Or fight them, but only if you provoke the fight yourself.
  • Ghouls: These undead used to be people who feasted on the dead. In death, they are cursed to continue this way. Unless you introduce them to their final death, that is. Most of the Ghouls you meet are not hostile (though not exactly friendly either); but a few are very hostile! Watch out; they pack a punch!
  • Lesser Varguilles: Another kind of undead who infect the living with their bite; these flying heads can't do much damage on their own. Unfortunately for you they are often found in larger groups.
  • Trocopotacas: These large, crocodile-like creatures can do quite a bit of damage but fortunately don't attack in packs.



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